Healthy mineral water stops the aging time

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The strong health is the essence of our life. The coming of the old age is the condemnation for all the people on the Earth. Many fantastical films show the most desirable idea of the mankind to become the immortal.

The heroes of the fantastic movies can live forever. But in a real life the man is forced to wait for the time when he starts getting old, looses the strength and the energy to live. 

Deep in our mind we think only about one thing. We think about the time when our life ends.  And without any doubt, the man tries to stop the aging process.  Some people try to use the modern medicine advantages.

On the contrary the other people keep strict to the natural medicines.  Many people sit on the different types of the diets or do a lot of physical training. So the mankind does not give up to the aging process. 

But it seems that these actions are not enough to postpone the old age. We do it without success.  Many people think that they are old even in their youth. And many people have a lot of diseases.  It is not a pleasant picture but it is rather true. In order to postpone the old age we have to understand the processes inside the human body.

The last scientific investigations tell us that the aging process depend on the genetic code. Every organism cell carries the information about the time it starts getting old. At first it seems not to be good for us. As this fact tells us that everything depends on the genetic background.

But it is not as bad as it seems to be at the beginning. The usual organism cell can live for at least 150 years old without changing. The organism cell starts changing and getting old due to the physiological process.  

The physiological process is the subject to the manner we eat and drink.  Our food gives the feeding substances to our organism. The main transportation system of the feeding substances in our organism is our blood.  So the blood carries the feeding substances to our cells. The feeding substances can make our blood bad or good. 

In case our feeding is bad the blood carries the ill bacteria or harmful viruses and elements to our cells.  So the cells begin to work harder. They spent a lot of energy to defend from the ill bacteria and harmful elements.  It shortens the life of our cells several times.  

The healthy cells are the essence and the base for long and healthy living.  We should take care about our cells. In their turn the cells will take care about our health.

We can help our cells to be healthy.  Our organism has 70 percents of the water content.    So the water is the main substance in the human organism. It means that we drink our diseases with the water.

The water can make our cells healthy or ill. The living period of life depends on the water that we drink. This information makes us think over the fruitful idea about the kind of water the cells should drink.  Our cells have to love drinking the water. 

The water has to donate our cells the desire to live longer not to get older.   The real alive water gives the signal to the organism to enjoy life and feel happy. The bad water tells the cells to defend from the enemies.

The real alive water should have the right balance of chemical elements. The excess quantity or the loss of any chemical element can easily make the water turn into the enemy. For example the extra quantity of sodium chloride destroys the water and salt balance of the human organism.

The iron is a very important component in the life of the human organism. This element is an integrate part of hemoglobin. It exists in the cells and ferments. But if the water has the enlarged quantity of the iron it causes the risk of the heart attack. The excess amount of the iron in the water is the reason for the appearance of the dry skin.

The increased concentration of copper causes difficulties for kidneys and liver. Nickel is harmful for the skin. Zink is not friendly to kidneys.

Some elements like the chrome, the lead and the cadmium while concentrating in our body destroy the nervous system. The consumption of the water with high concentration of boron and bromine is the reason for digestive organs illness. 

Aluminum sulfate is used in the city water treatment system for overlaying the waterborne sediments down. It makes the water look very clean.  But such treatment method increases the amount of the aluminum in the water.

It is very harmful for the nervous system. The more dangerous thing is that the aluminum makes our cells divide quicker than at usual conditions. It shortens the life of cells and our body several times.

The hardness of water is not seriously taken into consideration. But the hardness of water is directly connected with cardiovascular diseases. So the hardness of water should be carefully checked before drinking.

Drinking the healthy water is the natural method to increase the quality of life.  Unfortunately it is very difficult and too costly to control the balance of all dissolved minerals in the water.  The best drinking water contains the minimal but the natural concentration of minerals. 

It is possible to receive such water by melting of the icebergs. The same quality has the underground water gathered beneath the earth during the ice age thousand years ago.

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