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A high-sodium, low-potassium ratio is associated with an increased risk for cardiovascular diseases. Best food sources of potassium, plus five foods high in sodium.
Are you sleeping late at night and working early in the morning? If so, it's a matter of concern as a new study states that long period of short sleep increases the risk of heart attack.
Ivan Pavlov is an outstanding Russian physiologist, he got married when he was 32 years old to . Like his outstanding research achievements, his proposal is also unique.
Home remedies are slow but more effective for sure. Diabetes can be cured by Home remedies and that too very fast and in effective manner. Here are some good home remedies to cure diabetes.
People who are serious about reducing risk of heart attacks and strokes need to live a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy diet, getting rid of tobacco, and engaging in proper physical activities.
A defibrillator (AED) can save lives when sudden cardiac arrest due to arrhythmia (an abnormal electrical signal in the heart). Symptoms of cardiac arrest are chest pain or loss of consciousness. The AED restores the heart's normal electrical signal...if the heart is not defibrillated in 3 minutes or less death or serious incapacitation will occur. More and more businesses and employers are installing AED's and AED programs in the work place to add to their business's emergency medical readiness.
There are two parts in this story. The first part is about happiness at old age. The second part is about living 9 years longer.
The annual World Heart Day is on the last Sunday of September. And the theme for this year was Know Your Risk. It is better to be late than never to highlight this heart-felt occasion.
This report specifies the importance of Stem Cell Research in Cardiology. The study is segmented by Source (Allogenic and Autogenic) and by Type (Bone Marrow Stem Cells, Embryonic Stem Cells, and Other).
Red meat, fried foods, dairy products and Saltish Snacks are major reason for heart attacks.