Know About Mucus In Stool

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Mucus is a clear, jelly-like substance usually of a whitish or yellowish colour. It generally shows that it has trapped air inside it. The inward epithelial lining of the large intestine is responsible for making mucus. Its purpose is to function as lubricant by making the inner lining of the intestine very smooth and thus aid in the carriage of stool to the anus.

The presence of small mucus in stool is a very normal and natural incidence. However, if the amount of mucus in the stool increases, it can be a sign of some other medical condition and thus, medical attention should be sought.

There are numerous conditions which result in mucus appearing in stools. Some of these conditions are discussed below:

1. Ulcerative colitis

This is when the mucus membrane of the epithelial lining of the large intestine becomes irritated and result in ulcers growing. Due to the presence of this irritation and ulcers in the lining of the intestine, the production of mucus will take place and is therefore passed out in stools.

2. Bacterial Infection

Certain amounts of bacteria are naturally present in the intestine to smooth the process of digestion. When strange particles are introduced, the result is an disparity in the regular amounts of bacteria which lead to bacterial infection. Mucus is then increased in the stool.

3. Bowel Obstruction

This cause for mucus in the stool is very regular. It is usually the result of low water consumption, gastric hormone imbalance and increased yeast production, which in turn causes constipation. Thus, the need for increased production of mucus leads to an increase in its presence in stools.

4. Internal hemorrhoids

These are caused by straining and are common causes of mucus in stools.

5. Food intolerances

The malabsorption of fructose, lactose intolerances and food aversions can result in mucus in stools.

 6. Diverticulitis

This happens when an irritated pouch appear in the colon and it is a condition that can lead to mucus in stools.

7. Colon polyps

Mucus in stools can be caused by colon tumors being present in the colon. The mucus is an indication that they are present.

Other possible causes are:

Crohn's Disease - soreness of the lining of the intestine

Intestinal parasites especially giardia ( a parasite which lives in the gut)

Cystic fibrosis - a genetic disease which causes hormones to discharge large amounts of thick mucus.

There are no specific treatments for mucus in stools as most times the condition returns to normal on its own. There are various ways in which the situation can be enhanced, so long as there are no fundamental conditions present. Some are:

By including specific nutritional supplements.

Increasing the intake of water.

By taking herbal demulcent. This may be prepared by adding a teaspoon of finely ground flaxseed to a cup of hot water, and leave to penetrate overnight.

If the condition does not improve over a long period of time, antibiotics may be prescribed.

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