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The painful blisters which appear on the skin and are filled with fluids are known as cold sores. They are usually formed on the nose or along the corners of the lips. As the temperature changes, these
The idea that there can be alternate realities makes us feel a little uncomfortable, most of us quickly dismiss the idea as nonsense as it simply has not been proven.
In this day and age we seem to be always catching up - there is always something to do - we never have enough time to do all the things we have to or would like to do. We seem to be constantly
Meditation to most people is one of those things which sound nice, is interesting at first, but does not have enough pull to get one really excited.
I have been channelling messages from spirit for the past 14 years, and although it is one of those things which are hidden from view for the most part, this ancient and valuable art has contributed
The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT has been out and about promoting the fact that specialists can meet requirements for the “meaningful use” incentive payment program as provided by the HITECH Act by taking advantage of exceptions in the final rule.
There’s no doubt that the meaningful use incentive money, made available by the ARRA HITECH Act (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act) is drawing a boatload of attention.
There are several ways to meditate, including controlling your mind, your thoughts, your breathing, listening to relaxing sounds, or listening to binaural beat sounds with headphones. Listening to binaural beats are my choice - it's both easy and effective.