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Tapping is a miracle if you ask me. Nothing else compares, even EMDR, which was revolutionary in healing post-traumatic stress disorder in Vietnam veterans and later with childhood abuse healing.
I wanted to start posting some of my Tips here. Tapping on my codependency issues really changed my life for the better. Everything I did and more I put in my book. But I want to share with you what I call
Build a support system around kiths and connect with them to improve your relationships. These relationships gives you inner strengths to make good relationships.
Here are some tips from Moxie mental health on how to keep moving with mentally disorder families.
Character, strengths and value sare very important to lead a productive life. The study of mental health has included studying what traits allow people to maintain fulfilling relationships, cope successfully with adversity, and lead productive lives.
It is better to understand how emotional reactivity can get us stuck and how to get off of the flypaper. The limbic system controls the emotional component of the brain.
You can create success by choosing thoughts that empower you. Thoughts are powerful, if nurtured, will determine your destiny.
The first step in treatment is to identify alcohol and other drug dependency. The first step in recovery is identifying if you or someone you love is dependent on alcohol or other drugs.
Mental health stories and tips on how to Survive the Blame Game from Addition and Family Members.
Moxie mental health makes people stronger than strong. Consider this Aesop fable comparing the reed with the oak tree. It is possible.