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There is more misinformation than information about hypnosis and hypnotherapy.
If you have been running from pillar to post, trying to find the solution to the psychological puzzle that prevents you from quitting smoking
Mankind has never been short of problems. With every new development and with every passing day, new issues keep rising out of the blue and striking the human mind
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Canadians want movies with smoking in them to receive adult ratings.
Lawmakers in Atlanta are seeking more sweeping public smoking regulations.
People have often asked me: how does Hypnotherapy work when it comes to losing weight or giving up smoking?
Fewer people in this country are smoking now than in the past, but the numbers still aren't as low as the CDC would like them to be.
Learn how you can impact global warming and reduce your environmental footprint with small changes including using ENERGY STAR bulbs, quitting smoking, recycling and more.