How to Quit Smoking

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It has been general phenomena that accepted truth the Cigarette smoking is the most dangerous of all voluntary human behaviour it affects the people Health at large scale and makes them ill. According to some statistics , approximately half of the smokers die prematurely as a consequence of their own smoking and the most dangerous disease of lungs Cancer As only in 1995 in the UK alone smoking caused over 120 000 deaths and of which about 65 000 were related to the respiratory diseases.

The average of the smokers all around the world is afflicted with disease such as cough of serious kinds, asthma , Cancer and other respiratory disease which are posing threat constant to the common man as the time passes by. Besides this, the smoke which cause air pollution always threat to those who do not smoke yet affected by the effects of nicotine which is very harmful; element in the tobacco. By the passage of the time the children are also inflicted with this disease and as the minors imitate the acts of adults which is very serious issue to be dealt with.

Though most of the countries have strict laws of underage smoking but the still the practice goes UN abated by each passing day. The direct effects of tobacco and the cigarette smoking are affecting the health indirectly through the cost to the individual who is not smoker but directly affected by the smoke coming out of Cigarette. Such things affect a lot on the health of the non-smokers. Statistics of Youth Addiction to Tobacco:

·As the twenty-three percent of high school students in the United States are current cigarette smokers 23% of females and 22.9% of males.
· Approximately 26% of whites, 22% of Hispanics, and 13% of African Americans in high school are current cigarette smokers.1
· Eight percent of middle school students in this country are current cigarette smokers,2 with estimates slightly higher for females (9%) than males (8%).2
· Nine percent of whites, 10% of Hispanics, 8% of African Americans, and 3% of Asian Americans in middle school are current cigarette smokers.2
· Each day in the United States, approximately 4,000 young people between the ages of 12 and 17 years initiate cigarette smoking, and an estimated 1,140 young people become daily cigarette smokers.

Effects of smoking :
The Smoking is an important risk factor causing three types of diseases which are causing most of the deaths in cause most deaths such as heart disease, stroke and lung cancer. As around 80% of all lung cancer deaths and 20% of all cancer deaths are caused by the smoking. The Smoking has also been linked with the cancers of the mouth, bladder, kidney, stomach and cervix, and several others which are harmful for the smokers. The smoking not only affects the smokers sonly but also badly affects the other passers-by who are always at the risk getting inflicted with the several types disease.

If any one who smokes for a lifetime, there is a 50% chance that the eventual death will be smoking-related or half of all these deaths will be in middle age. The Smoking also increases the risk of having a stroke. TheSmoking in pregnancy may greatly increase the risk of miscarriage and is also associated with lower birth weight babies and inhibited child development. According to the WHO , by 2020, the worldwide death toll to reach 10 million, causing 17.7% of all deaths in developed countries only because of the of Tobacco. There are about 1.1 billion smokers in the world and of which 800 million of them are living in developing countries of Asia and Africa.

Motivation to stop smoking:
It is a general opinion that whether a persons who smokes , succeeds in stopping smoking which depends a lot on the balance between that individual's motivation to stop smoking or quit smoking and his or her degree of dependence on cigarettes at the level and the more important thing the will power to keep oneself way from it. The physicians must be able to assess both of these characteristics of the patient. The motivation is important as the treatments to assist with smoking cessation will not work in smokers who are not highly motivated to them and can't live without them. This type of dependence is considered to be important in the smokers who do want or willing to stop smoking at all despite using the motivational methods because of the influences of choice of intervention

The Behaviour change:
The model of the process of behaviour change has been gaining popularity the "Tran theoretical model." According to this model, the smokers are assigned to one of five stages of motivation to quite smoking These include The precontemplation (not wishing to stop), The contemplation (thinking about stopping but not in the near future) finally the preparation (planning to stop in the near future) and the most important: the action (trying to stop), The Smokers may cycle through the contemplation to action stages many times before stopping for good and betterment. As this model has been widely adopted and used but no results are present for it to be displayed or stated.

As the tobacco has become the Epidemic as it is increasingly being used at global level. According to statistics, currently, 1.1 billion people worldwide are smokers, and this number is expected to increase to 1.6 billion by 2025 at alarming stage.

Role of Physician's advice in smoking cessation:
The cigarette smoking is the most prevalent modifiable risk factor for increased morbidity and mortality in the world.. A study was conducted in order to evaluate the comparative role of physician advice and nicotine replacement therapy on smoking cessation. It was found that the motivational methods used by the physician in order to help stop smoking were enormous and certainly helped the smokers to quit after being satisfied with comments and advice of the physicians about the hazards of the smoking upon their health. The Physicians have the central role in order help complete the campaign against smoking quitters. They can help a lot in order to make the smokers believe the dangerous effects posed by nicotine and other elements of the tobacco.

Finally in order sum up , it is high time for the World Health Organization to term it epidemic unlike polio Aids so that many of the deaths can be saved whichj merely caused by the smoking and tobacco users worldwide. Every one has role to play in this and a lot more responsibility falls on WHO and physicians to take immediate measures to make people aware of the seriousness of the silent thief which may causes deaths at large scale as the ratio of smokers has been increasing every passing day. The Children are also being affected by the menace besides the adults means the man and woman in developing countries of Asia and Africa.

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