Types Of Birthmarks and How To Treat Them

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Unusual marks on the skin of newborn babies or even mature children are known as naevi, or birthmarks. They consist either of an area of abnormal pigmentation, or of a localized

abnormalities of the blood vessels in the skin. They vary widely in size and position. Some are unsightly, but many are insignificant, or can even give an individuality which is a source of pride or identity. The different sorts of birthmarks have different names, and knowing the type of mark will often enable the doctor to tell what will happen to it and if treatment will be necessary.

The blemishes come in various sizes and colours, ranging from deep blue to chocolate brown. Babies can be born with one or several of them.

Types of birthmarks

Stork marks

A distinctive triangular blotchy red or brown mark found between the eyebrows and spreading out over the fore head. There is also accompanying patch at the back of neck.

They fade out into childhood and don’t require treatment.

Strawberry marks

They appear in the first month of life after birth. They occur anywhere in the skin and consist of dilated blood vessels giving a red or chocolate raised bumpy lesion(straw berry shaped). Strawberry marks keep enlarging until the child is about six month after which they gradually in size and color until they disappear. They can bleed or get infected if the get knocked. They appear on the face, back or neck. They are not permanent and therefore it is better left alone.

Port Wine stains

They are irregular shaped deep red or dark brown patches on the skin. They lie flat on the skin and often appear on the face or trunk. They are present at birth and cover a large area of skin. They consist of dilated capillaries in the skin and do not alter in shape or size.

They are often small and permanent but can be removed using lesser treatment.

Café-au-lait spots

One of the commonest forms of birthmarks which are smooth light or dark brown patches of skin occurring anywhere on the body. They are seldom unsightly and permanent.

Mongolian blue spots

Asian and African babies(as name suggest it was for mongolian children but also found in africans) may have a bluish blemish of lower back, sometimes spreading as far as the shoulders. They become less obvious with age.

Treatment for birthmarks

Studies show that treatment is more successful if done early. Although  strawberry marks regress, in  rare cases, they can get very large or obstruct the eye, ear or breathing passages, in which case they may need treatment.

Port wine stains is removed by laser. This usually starts before age of two  and can take up to six treatments, spread over three years to remove it completely depending on the severity and number of birthmarks..

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