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2. Madhur Rajpal
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3. Michael Gardner
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5. Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee
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Lets Together make the Earth Peaceful

JAGADAGURUU MAA Jagadambaavebhuute Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee, a Spiritual Scientist, Spiritual Master, Yogee, Creator of modern 'SAMPUURNNA [INTEGRATED/HOLISTIC] YOGA' approach which is slightly different from Aurobindo's 'INTEGRAL YOGA' , is an award-winning Author, Geographer, Commentator on the International Relations, Promoter of the Human Rights-Democracy-World Peace, and the Yoga/Kundalenee Expert. APRTEMAAA teaches 'The SATYAA PARAMAA TATVA JYOTEE BHAKTE YOGA', but only to the really DESERVING SEEKERS [It is taught absolutely free of the cost, financial or otherwise, in keeping with the GREAT TRUE TRADITION OF THE INDIAN TRUE SAINTS/SEERS WHO ALWAYS HAVE IMPARTED SPIRITUAL KNOW-HOW FREE TO THE MAANAVATAA[humanity]. APRTEMAAA is a former intelligence official, the government of India.

APRTEMAAA is an MA in Economic Geography, having Topped both at the BA in Geography [major] and the MA/MSc in Geography with a 'First Class with Distiction' from the University of Pune in the years 1987 and 2003 respectively. APRTEMAAA is presently leading a spiritual life.


[a] Print and E-Publications

[1] Geography, Economics and Economic Geography

[2] Kyaa Waqta Gujara Gayaa?

[3] The Vasudhiotic World Government And The Great Indian Dream Of The Paramatantrataa

[b] E-Publications


[2] Complex Journey

[3] The 21st Centurian Constructive Geographical Thoughts - Part I

[4] The 21st Centurian Constructive Geographical Thoughts - Part II

[5] Aprtema Aanda Upaneshhada - Part I

[6] Aprtema Aanda Upaneshhada - Part II


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6. Geneva Dansby
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9. William Lawrence
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I provide some very helpful & related knowledge about problems that are of relevance to one and all. Go ahead and have a couple of advantageous information.

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10. Ashish Pandey
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