Curtain Rods And Curtain Rods Rings: Helpful Delightful Things You Need to know About

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But then there are those things you wish you’d known about years ago because they’re so useful-helpful-delightful. And that’s the category for curtain rods rings.

Now, don’t be mistaken - even though some of you will think so, curtain rods rings really don’t fall into the I-don’t-need-to-know-about-this-ever category like Window Coverings. They’re actually amazing, and for more reasons than you can hang a curtain on.

Why, you say, should I be interested in these, uh, ringy-thingys? Because, we say, your life will totally improve in useful-helpful-delightful little ways for Window Coverings. Yes, curtain rods rings. Want proof? We’ve compiled a short list of uses for curtain rod rings, just enough to feed your own inspiration.

In the kitchen.
Recipe holder. Yes, you read that right. Clip that recipe card or magazine page to the curtain rods ring and hang the ring on a cabinet door knob… Pretty cool, huh?

How about hanging a hand towel the same way? You can have it right where you need it while cooking or baking, and remove it when guests arrive!

For fun, use a curtain rods ring to hold cloth napkins for diners – you can clip them to the tablecloth, chair, glass or whatever makes you smile!

In the bath.
Shower: on the curtain rods to hold extras: loofas, wash cloths, sponges, razors, etc.
How about a Don’t-Knock-I’m-Busy sign on the door?
Of course there are always those little affirmation note cards - now you have an easier way to keep them in view: clip one to a curtain rods ring and hang it on anything around the mirror.

In the bedroom.
In the closet: curtain rods rings are perfect to hold scarves, necklaces - why, you can hang them right next to the outfits you love pairing them with!

In the closet: let’s take that first tip a little farther: some people actually have matching lingerie for outfits - really, we’re not joking - and a curtain rods and window Coverings ring would be a perfect way to keep them together. Easy to grab and no searching required.

Again in the closet: how about those trouser socks? Since they’re so easy to lose in the sock drawer, why not hang them from a curtain ring in the closet?
Still in the closet (yes, we know it’s not funny…): have an item that you just can’t fit anywhere, like that belt with the gigantic buckle?

In the hallway.
Kids’ mittens, hats, scarves - even the kids if they’re light enough! (Just kidding, of course!)
What about that collection of green save-the-earth shopping bags you’re always forgetting to take along? Need a place to keep them where you’ll actually remember to grab them?

And, of course, those fab designer handbags - now you can hang them in the hallway closet on a curtain ring so they’re at your fingertips when you’re ready to switch bags.

In the car.
The great thing about curtain rings is they hang easily on small knobs – and most cars have an abundance of those.

Things you can hang from a curtain rods ring in the car: phone cords, travel tissue boxes, maps (almost things of the past), notes, grocery lists…

Other ideas.
Hang your curtain rods rings on chairs and clip balloons to them for birthday parties.
Don’t forget the obvious: to hang curtains!

So now you know all about the double life of curtain rods rings - one of the true useful-helpful-delightful things you need to know about!

Most Of Family are choose and like to purchase curtain rods and window coverings to help them achieve privacy and feel safe. Additionally, most people make their Window Coverings and curtain choices based on how they will look in the home, or what goes well with their personality.

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