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Making some sense of how children blame parents for their choices in life is exasperating. What can you do?
Regardless of the occasion, whether it is Father’s Day, his birthday, anniversary, Christmas or just as a “whatever” occasion, giving him that perfect special gift makes the occasion a lot more meaningful.
If you were anything like me as a new Mom, you questioned your every move! Did I do that right? Am I starving her? Should I call the doctor? Do I need to change formula? How do I take her temperature? Did I burp her enough? Does she need gas drops? Did I give her too much?? It's all so overwhelming! Well, if you were confused, imagine how your husband probably felt!
Children need fathers. No matter how old the child is or how bad the relationship has been in the past. If you, as a father, have relinquished the reins of guidance because of absence you need to step back into the picture. Many men are uncomfortable mentoring, guiding, teaching and yes, loving their own children. they assume that the step-dad, teacher or coach will step in to teach their sons the ways of male-dom.
The family is the foundation of life. It is the basic organization and where family members learn what is expected of them in life and their part in the scheme of things.
Leopold Mozart maneuvered his son all over the world showing him off and forcing his way into places that would advance the career of his son. Joseph P. Kennedy began grooming Jack F. for the American presidency when his oldest Joe Jr. was killed in World War II.