Resisting Violence Against Women

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Being the weaker sex, the women are always humiliated and their rights are violated by the male dominated societies. The women in past has been continuously subject to the Household torture and mal treatment by the male or Husbands.

In Eastern Societies, it is more serious than western as in the Eastern Cultures the women are regarded as subject of Honor and Murdered in the name of hour, Whereas in Western Countries, the women are not given their social and legal rights due to open Society. As The Evils occur from the society and the society is the made up of the group of the People living in that area. If the approach towards the women turns to be positive then they can be useful partners in the development Society and the Cultures.

Because the nation is known by its Cultures which is inherited to them from their ancestors. But nowadays , the culture has no boundaries due to globalization which has really made the world a global village and every people living in any part of the world said to be the resident of the globe not only of the Country in which he lives in. According to some quotations,
"Violence against women has been well established as a universal phenomenon. Recent reports (Garcia-Moreno, 2000; World Health Organization, 1997) estimate that one of every three women around the globe has experienced violence in an intimate relationship at some point in her life. A significant impetus for international initiatives to prevent violence against women is provided by reports on the economic costs of violence. The World Bank (1993) estimated that in developing countries rape and domestic violence reduce the healthy years of life for reproductive age women by 5%."

"Some reports indicate that across the world issues that confront professionals working with women who have experienced violence have significant similarities "(Walker, 1999).

"The culture of violence theory (Wolfgang & Ferocity, 1967) proposed that beliefs that legitimize the use of aggression support the use of violence in relationships". Gelles and Straus (1979) extended this theory" to violence in the family and focused on beliefs that legitimize the use of violence with family members as factors that help maintain violence in the home".

"Those with lower occurrence of violence are characterized by attitudes and behavior that reflect greater gender equality and lack of community support for violence "(Levinson, 1989).

"Attitudes toward violence against women may differ across and within sociocultural groups because of differential influences of structural factors, such as gender and nationality. Comprehensive information on interactions among structural and cultural factors across different sociocultural groups will help to increase our understanding of factors that support the use of violence against women" (Walker, 1999).

"Finally, most researchers have examined either attitudes toward sexual assault or toward domestic violence and have rarely looked at both types of violence together. Previous research suggests the importance of examining multiple dimensions of attitudes toward violence against women, in terms of both victim blame and perpetrator blame for the violence" (Johnson, Kuck, & Schnader, 1997).

Women Status in Various Societies:
The Society plays a vital role in the regularization as well as ensuring the rights be they Male or Female. The Society has some certain boundary in which person has to adopt the color of the Certain Society. According to a saying," Do at Rome as Romans Do" means you cannot rebel the society be it of yours or another. You have to live within the limits provided by the Society.

Such as a Girl cannot walk openly in Eastern or Asian Society while she can easily do the same in Western Societies. The Society is formed on principles such as Family, Norms and customs and Inheritance. So to change the Society, you need to change the approach and behavior of the people to be able to pursue them for accepting the Change. Treating women politely will be possible, if the change of the behavior as well as recognition of women as Equal Human will be undertaken. So to escape Violence against women, we have to change the approach and behavior so that women may be regarded as equal to man by all respects and no distinction be made on the basis of Gender or appearance .

In Eastern Societies, The women are regarded as the Property or Honor and not given the due respect and Status. In Olden times the Women were considered as bad omen in the Arabian Societies and used to be buried alive .Even they were not given the due share from the Property as it was totally a male dominated Society in the Arabian States. Women were sold and kept as maidservants or personal Enjoyment. In Western Societies, The women are also subject to Domestic Violence therefore,

The Ratio of the Violence against women is increasing day by day .That is why there are frequent cases of the Divorces and Suicides due to Domestic Violence and Drugs . The Drug Addicts in every Society be it eastern or Western inflicts torture on the Women if they refuse to give them money for drugs. In Indian and Asian Countries, The wives and daughters are sold by these drug addicts to get wine or other narcotics.

Violence and forms:
The Violence has many forms which can be stated as following,
1. Domestic Violence:
Mal treatment and not giving the due rights and time to the Wife is said to be domestic Violence. The Husband starts beating his wife if she asks for money or reason for not coming home or late coming. Some times The husband murders the women in rage or break hand s or legs as prevalent in eastern Societies. This happens due to non-consent in marriage issues in the East as mostly, there is arranged marriages .But in Western Societies, forced work and misbehavior of the Husband creates too many problems for wife and affect on the minds of Children as the children are said to be the quick reactors.

2. Social Violence:

This type of Violence is very harmful as it prevails at large scale. Some wanders or ill-tempered person tease girls studying Colleges or universities a some times kidnap them for rap. This form is considered the most harmful form of Violence against Women.

3. Unethical Violence:

This is an other bad act to humiliate and pressurize the women for sexual Abuse or marketing. As according to Reports of HRCP and Amnesty international, Hundreds of the Women are blackmailed to record blue films as they consider the women a sign of enjoyment and marketing. An other words the models featuring in the Pop Songs with loose skirts on the Body create a bad omen and spoiling the very essence the Society. Many people are earning money by producing blue Films featuring young mature and immature girls on the greed of Money or Force. The Same situation Prevails in Jails also where they are threatened and blue films are made in the Jails also.

Role of Rulers and Community, CBO, NGOs:
In Recent past. It has been crystal clear that the UNO has done some splendid job by taking into consideration the growing violence against women. It has taken some initiative in form of Vienna Accord of 1993 and Beijing platform of 1995 (united Nations ,1993 ,1996) and urged the member to prioritize to eliminate the violence against women as it is heinous mal practice which has caused several unethical and inhuman perceptions which need to be stopped at earliest.

Secondly the Community based organization has done a lot for creating awareness among the masses regarding the Human rights specially the Women rights. These NGos include Amnesty International, Oxfam GB, Global Human Rights and AUSAID which has really done great job in creating Awareness in Developed as well in developing Countries of Asia. The People ha started Realizing the Rights of the Women and being to thing it wrong to violate the Rights of Women All over the World. Because the NGOs are working at grass root level and they prove to be very useful to root this menace from the Society and The World at large. According to Human Rights Watch a gradual seen is experienced every year and the situation is improving.

As many countries have drafted laws regarding the Violence against Women .But still lot to do in this regards. In this connection the NGO can play a vital role because they are working with Community and they can pursue the Community to resist and raise Voice against injustice if it prevails in any apart of the World.

How to Resist Violence against Women: Recommendations:
After discussion on the Following Recommendations are made to resist Violence against Women.

1. Firstly, we have to create awareness among the masses regarding the Human Rights and Specially Women Rights so that They Consider the Women as equal to male and the rights of the Women can be saved.

2. Secondly, The UNO Must make it obligatory upon the countries that they should draft such laws which may to help eliminate Violence against Women

3. Thirdly, the Community plays a major part to bring revolutionary changes in the society and make it on the right Track. They can mobilize the People and share their Knowledge with the and even pursue them to realize the Rights and Status of Women. This will create an Environment which will be very suitable for the Women to work independently liker other people and will not have any sort of fear or feeling of insecurity.

4. Fourthly, all above recommendation will prove useful if the Education is providing to the Masses. The more educated the masses be, the More Understanding will develop.

In nutshell, The Violence against Women is Global issue which can eradicate with Joint effort with the Community Participation. As it is related with Human Behavior so we need to change the behavior of the People.

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