FIrst Moments Every Mom Should Remember

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Fellow moms let's face it...motherhood is an exhausting job but it is also the most amazing job in the world. When you become a mom there is a whole new set of rules and demands placed on you.

You have very little time to yourself but when you look at your child and they look back into your eyes and smile because they feel safe and love their mommy all of those sleepless nights, stretch marks, spit up in your hair, etc seem to disappear.

You were pregnant for nine months and those months creeped by because you were anxious, excited and nervous but once your baby is born you wish you could slow time down. One minute your baby is small and nuzzled up on you and the next minute it is crawling or running around the house talking and playing with toys. There are many special "first: events in every child's life that you will want to witness and cherish forever. Some of those special milestones are:

* The first time your baby rolled over

* First time they sat up alone

* First crawled

* First held their own bottle

* First laughed or giggled

* First time they smiled at you

* When they first took a bath in the "Big Kid" tub

* First said mommy or daddy

* When their first tooth came in * First blew you a kiss

* slept through the night

* Took their first stroller ride

* First time they clapped their little hands

* Played Peek-A-Boo with you

* Waved hi or bye

* Ate baby food

* First time they sat in highchair

* First stood up alone

* First steps

* Walked on their own

* Ran on their own

* Used a Sippy Cup instead of a bottle

* Held Own Spoon/Fork

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