Doctor in Bangalore

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Whenever you are ill and in need of a doctor in Bangalore, there are two important aspects you should keep in mind—the doctor as well as the hospital. One would argue that a doctor is of foremost importance and that the hospital only stands secondary in this regard.

But you must not underestimate the fact, that if during emergency one needs to be admitted, the hospital facilities will play a very large role in the treatment.

While the treatment will be prescribed and supervised by your doctor, lets gauge into the qualities of a good doctor in Bangalore:

  • Sense of responsibility
  • Is dedicated and motivated to work round the clock
  • Gives you hope and strength to fight a serious chronicle illness
  • Is compassionate and full of empathy
  • Tolerant and sensitive of the patient
  • Genuine and honest about the treatment
  • Does not unnecessary burn a hole in patient’s pocket to mint money
  • Keeps ‘patient first’ in his priority list
  • Ensures that a patients privacy and treatment is respected
  • Though he’s modest and empathetic, he keeps his relation with the patient professional
  • Is patient while dealing with a difficult patients
  • Must be well learned
  • Should keep pace with the development in science and technology
  • Humble enough to acknowledge his skills and weakness and refer to another good doctor in such a case
  • Must go through the patients history, medication stress levels and perform a complete diagnose to understand the problem
  • Discusses the outcome of the diagnosis and suggest the treatment options
  • Should not hide the bad news from the patient but should share it by giving comfort and confidence
  • He should not be boastful and arrogant

To achieve all these, a doctor in Bangalore must possess excellent communication skills. This is very important in order to gain the patient’s confidence as well as making one comfortable to tell all the problems-- mental, physical or personal to the doctor to make the treatment easier and effective.

While performing all these duties of curing people, the doctor must stay grounded and not think of himself as god because of his nature of job.

All this, if found in a doctor, would prevent the patient to switch doctors, waste time, money and good health.

Bangalore genesis hospital has always scrutinized a doctor’s history before giving him the privilege of joining the hospital. It has always kept its patients’ priority first than making profits out of the treatment plan. The doctors at Bangalore Genesis Hospital have been on their toes to serve their patient anytime of the day.

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