Closet Organizers That Help Keep Unruly Wardrobes In Check

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A place for everything and everything in its place" is a famous homily often attributed to Benjamin Franklin. And while that may have served as invaluable advice in his time, things have changed quite a bit since then. We are speaking specifically about home storage space.

It is often said that consumer spending in America accounts for 70 percent of GDP more than any other nation. Many of the things shoppers spend money on, they end up taking home with them. This never-ending accumulation can quickly lead to storage space issues.

In fact, many American families have to rent storage units because they have too much stuff. More often than not, however, families can find a place for everything if they have the right tools.

Home organizers have become hot sellers in recent years. Walk into any home improvement center and you will find aisle after aisle of them. There are organizers for the kitchen, the attic, the basement, the laundry room and the garage. But because we believe in cleaning up our own messes first, we will focus on the bedroom closet.

In a bedroom, any bedroom, wardrobe storage is a constant concern. This is not out of choice or even out of habit. The simple fact is that people are busy, and cleaning and organizing closets takes time. That is why we recommend a wardrobe storage system that will make cleanup a cinch.

What do you need? Not much. Organizing a closet for better wardrobe storage is one of the simplest home improvement projects on the books. All you need are a few basic designs and a free hour or two on a Sunday afternoon.

Though different closets have different needs, we will focus our attention on the most basic wardrobe storage issues. These issues can almost always be solved by installing the correct combination of the following: cabinets, racks and shelves. Some folks also like to install hooks to hang dress shirts and jackets.

Rack and Shelves

When it comes to clothing storage, racks and shelves are often the most affordable and efficient option. As you might expect, racks can support just about anything from shirts on hangers to suits and jackets and sundry accessories. Shelves, on the other hand, are generally reserved for clothes that can be folded.

Shoe Racks

Another great wardrobe storage idea is to purchase a shoe rack and place it on either side of the closet. This is an indispensable item for the average working woman. Not that that guys don't wear shoes, but the average woman has nearly twice as many pairs as the average man, and her shoes are often more expensive.

Some women are so concerned that their shoes might get dirty, dusty or scuffed up that they store them in their original boxes and stack them in their closets. As you might imagine, this takes up an incredible amount of space. Imagine twenty shoe boxes stacked on the closet floor.

You wouldn't have room for much else! A simple and affordable shoe rack can prevent shoe damage and free up valuable closet space. They can be purchased at most department stores for around twenty dollars.


Some popular accessories cannot be hung on hangers, and placing them on a shelf or in a drawer is simply a waste of space. One easy way to utilize unused closet space is to add a few hooks to any inside wall. These hooks can be used for popular accessories like belts, hats, caps or purses. Light coats and jackets may also fit on closet hooks.

Closet Cabinets

Cabinets are generally built-in to the actual closet. They may contain cubby holes for shoes and a few shelves and sliding drawers. In recent years, however, closet furniture has become increasingly popular. Most home improvement centers sell free-standing cabinet sets that can be placed in closets and used as all-in-one organizers. Some people love them, while others prefer to design their own closet storage systems using the devices we have discussed.

A Few Simple Tips

Most of the things you store in your closet will not be used every day or even every week. Some items may be seasonal and others may be simple keep-sakes. Hanging these items on closet racks is almost always a bad idea. For one thing, they take up space.

Not to mention the fact that they make finding the right outfit harder than it has to be. We recommend storing unused clothing and accessories in clear plastic storage containers and stacking them on a top shelf or on the floor of the closet, in the back. It may also be a good idea to label these containers.

Closet organizers can be used to put even the most cluttered closets in order. Find the best organizer for your closet now.

Al Gallo is a freelance writer who writes about home maintenance topics and products such as closet organizers.

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