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The removal of exterior paint and stains is an extremely important step that you need to complete before applying any new coats of paint to the exterior of your home. If you do not take the time to remove problem areas such as old paint failing
Home decorating isn’t always an easy thing, with the different colours and paints, the different colour combinations that need to match the home decor. All of it can get terribly confusing when you have to make colours and paints match with each other. But it doesn’t always have to be so very confusing. Here are some tips that you can use if you want to go about giving the walls of your home a dual tone.
From movie stars to your neighbour, people are beginning to look to the stars for answers. Astrology is now clearly the ‘in’ thing. So why not look to astrology for inspiration when you’re about to begin your home painting? Each sign has its own specific combination of colours that represent its nature. Why not reflect this part of yourself in your wall painting? Read on to know how to paint your room in colours meant for your astrological sign.
Experimenting with shades of a single colour on your home walls may seem like a strange idea. If you want to bring out the best out of your home walls then monochromatic wall colour combinations can offer you a lot of choices. Thought that plain single coloured are a passé? You will surely change your decision by reading the article below.
Isn’t it a pleasing and exhilarating task to design your own home? While most people like to experiment with this home decorating process, many pay little or no attention to the important aspect of Wall Painting.
The use of the right color can make your room appear larger. Read on to know how to achieve this look.
There are certain areas of the house that may be neglected and eventually suffer because of physical activities or weather conditions. It is a must for every home owner to know that you need to apply protective coating such as roof coatings and other insulating products to best protect your home against damages which you cannot control.