Professional Indemnity & Insurance Brokers In Dubai Insurance Market

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An insurance agreement gives risk treatment to the purchaser. One who contracts with insurance brokers pays a fixed amount in exchange for a promise of return in the occurrence of some particular loss. Both Insurance and economic growth are directly proportional.

In fact with economic growth, demand for insurance increases. This is very obvious that when the economy grows, the living standards of people raise so as a result, the requirement for insurance increases. Likewise as the assets of people and of business enterprises amplify in the growth process, the demand for insurance will also increase.

There are various kinds of insurances. Some significant types of insurance are: •

Life insurance

Medical insurance

Vehicle insurance

Property insurance

An important element of insurance is professional indemnity and it is very necessary for the most professional businesses and services; these include some customary professions like architects, business consultants, engineers, insurance brokers, solicitors, financial advisers, accountants and IT consultants. Professional indemnity insurance secures that business's interests against claims for error, changing, and professional ignorance for both the principles and their employees.

Medical insurance is a very important, vital and smart investment. It covers clients’ and their families against unpredicted expenses caused by some illness, injury or accidents. Now in this era, scope for medical insurance is increasingly rapid.

The reason is very high expenditure for even a simple medical treatment. The other reason is the increasing complexity of treatments available. To attain this, the aim is to ease the risk of unexpected medical expenses and many companies now provide a huge collection of medical insurance plans. These plans differ generally in terms of coverage, costs and benefits.

In Dubai, there are number of insurance companies and insurance brokers are providing medical, vehicle, properly, life and other types of insurance. Many companies are very effectively and efficiently providing medical insurance in Dubai.

Here is the list of some of the Dubai insurance companies:

Ahlan Care

Al Hamed Enterprises

Aetna Life & Casualty Ltd

Al Ahleia Insurance

Al Ittihad Al Watani Insurance

Al Kazzim Group of Companies

Al Nabooda Insurance Brokers

Al Najma Al Kawneya Insurance Brokerage

Al Sagr Insurance Co

Alliance Insurance

Allianz Worldwide

Aman Healthcare Insurance Company

Arab Orient Insurance Co

Arabia Insurance Company

Arabia Insurance Company

Arya Insurance Brokerage Co

Astral Pool International

Central Bank

Dubai Care Insurance

Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance Company

Dubai insurance has a huge potential to grow as incomes are increasing and assets are escalating and also because the unpredictability in the world is increasing. In simple words, now we live in a greater risky world. Trade continues to become vast and global.

Numerous changes are witnessed in technologies and getting more developed and modernized. So in this changing and unpredicted world, insurance has a great scope to boost. Perhaps, insurance will play a significant role in reducing the risk load on individuals and business men and they will have professional indemnity.

Author Bio
Andy Robert is a reputed medical insurance in Dubai agent, and has been working in the local insurance brokers and professional indemnity business for the last three years. He has worked as a consultant with a number of reputed financial institutions, and is currently residing in Abu Dhabi.

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