e-Newsletters and Direct Email Marketing

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With mass collaboration and communication at our fingertips, the Internet enables us to keep in contact with our clients with a few touches of the keys and a simple click of the mouse. But look how it was just 10 years ago - businesses would either have to phone their clients or send letters on a monthly basis to stay in touch.

In today's online world we can simply send emails to our clients to touch base with them and see how things are going with their business. This method of communication has enabled businesses to keep their clients satisfied and ultimately gain more business over time.

There are two important topics of conversation regarding e-mail marketing and they are e-Newsletter and Direct Email Marketing. Both have different purposes and if used correctly can generate lots of new business for your company.

Direct Email Marketing
Direct email marketing is the process of sending targeted opt-in (permission) emails to your mailing list. With direct email marketing you can reach out and communicate with your customers using an easy and affordable solution. Direct email marketing has allowed companies to submit corporate announcements, e-newsletters, press releases, product launches, coupons, and more to their client's on a continual basis.

Direct email marketing is a great way to target prospective clients with a simple straightforward email that may be of interest to your target audience. If you're creative enough, you can send out targeted ("direct") mass emails. Through a simple mail merge feature, you can customize each email for each client. For example, one email will say Dear Jane while another will say Dear John. This method of sending mass, targeted (direct), opt-in, emails offers a great way to save time, target your clients, and gain new business.

You'd be surprised what a simple "touch-base" email can do.

Hi John,

How have you been? How's the family?
I just wanted to check in with you to see how business was going.

I hope all is well... I await your reply.
Warmest Regards,


This simple email can trigger something within your client and make them realize they need your company's assistance for a new venture they are working on.

Do you have a list of prospective clients, which you've attained through your opt-in lists? Are you wondering, what is the best way to target them with your new service? Well think about sending customized emails to each one.

Now think about the possibilities. What if you had a list of 1000 opt-in email addresses of "online shoe companies" and you send them this targeted (direct) email. I bet you'll receive a 5% - 10% response rate from this simple email.

Dear Jane
You recently signed up to receive our monthly newsletters.

We have a great new product that will increase sales for your "online shoe company".

I would like just 5 minutes of your time to speak to you about how I believe we could help your business.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience.


Having an e-Newsletter System that allows you to keep in touch with your current clients as well as target potential future clients is a great way to grow your business and vastly increase sales.

By sending out periodic newsletter emails, you are able to keep your clients posted on all the new and exciting things happening at your company. An e-Newsletter System will allow you to submit mass emails with a custom design that matches the look-and-feel of your company's website.

Newsletters include topical and relevant information about your business. They link directly to your website to introduce and familiarize readers with your services. They are intended for mass distribution (potential clients, partners, etc.) and adopt a clean, aesthetically-pleasing layout.

Do you see the opportunity here? Do you see the potential to implement an e-Newsletter System for your business? Sending e-Newsletters to your current and prospective clients will be a great way to retain business, increase sales, keep you clients informed, and ultimately grow your company.

If you don't have an e-Newsletter System or a means to send out mass emails to your opt-in lists then I highly recommend that you obtain one for your business today. The following are two products that I recommend to help you easily submit electronic newsletters and direct emails to your list of contacts.

Constant Contact
Constant Contact, Inc. helps small businesses, associations, and nonprofits connect with their customers, clients, and members. Launched in 1998, Constant Contact champions the needs of small organizations and provides them with an easy and affordable way to build successful, lasting customer relationships.

Constant Contact's leading email marketing and survey products-supported by its expert personal coaching and service-help all types of small businesses and organizations create professional-looking email newsletters and insightful online surveys and begin a dialogue with their customers.

Hudson Horizons e-Newsletter Manager
Hudson Horizons HH e-Newsletter Manager enables businesses to create, publish and submit HTML newsletters to their personal list of customers and prospects with ease. Simply create newsletters, manage recipients, and send and track each of your personalized HTML newsletter campaigns.

Each newsletter submission includes complete statistics to track their success rate as well as a completely automated Email Bounce Management System to process all email bounces accordingly.

The Hudson Horizons e-Newsletter Marketing Manager also includes a dynamic "opt out list," which will be displayed on the bottom footer of every newsletter. This will enable your customers to opt out of your newsletter submissions if they so desire. Having an "opt out list" is required to be a legitimate and legal newsletter campaign for your business.

Daryl H. Bryant is President and Chief Executive Officer of Hudson Horizons, helps his clients achieve online success through search engine marketing and customized website solutions.

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