Email Marketing: 7 Steps to Email Marketing Success

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Here's Your 7-Step Email Marketing Campaign Checklist:

READY, FIRE, AIM...But Aim at what???

So Now You Are Still Clueless as to Where To POINT?

WHAT To AIM at/for and/or Who/What to TARGET?

You will know after you reviewing this checklist which has created.

It was designed to help give a boost to the effectiveness of your next email campaign, these seven tips should be both Kept-in- Mind and Close-At-Hand.

1. Build a Solid Marketing Plan

Make sure your plan answers these questions: What do I
want to accomplish? Who will respond to my message? When should I Email and how often? How will I track responses?

REMEMBER - Your plan is 90 percent of the battle!

2. Develop a Highly-Targeted Prospect Mailing List

It's a fact: 50 percent of your Email campaign's success
depends on the mailing list. Demographics, in addition to past behavior can help you to find the ideal list to rent/buy.

Also, consider purchasing a Co-Reg prospect list to
expand your current in-house list.

3. Choose Your Email Delivery Format and Services

Go with either a quick + economical or a high-impact mailing having Short verbiage yet includes LINKS to tons of content preferably on YourOwn Site.

In-house Emailing or one provided by a list service puts
your offer directly into the inboxes of your present customers and local prospects. Be sure to inquire about Deliverability Rates of list
services you identify for handling your Email Marketing.

Try to locate a List-Service or Email Marketing firm who can provide you with Custom Emailing that has your [company name] as the sender.

4. Create an ATTENTION GRABBING High-Impact Email Offer!

USE: VIDEO acts to give you some 'pre-recorded' continuous Face-Time to re-connect update up-sell your current client- customer base as well as educate and pre-sell to local prospects. This Market-Warming tool perpetually engages Your Prospective Market New Connections on autopilot [24-7 365 days year round] - every visitor will experience you video-personality when they land on your Webpage, BLOG, and/or Social Bookmark*

*... for more about these Web 2.0 Marketing [see part two]

BTW -What The Heck is all of this WEB 2.0 Talk About?WEB 2.0 Based Marketing has fast become a much better way of Reaching Your intended Audience over email; Examples if this are in-light of our current email deliverability dilemma, today we see more and more professionals as well as Fortune 500 companies adding SOCIAL BOOKMARKS and BLOG as key additions to their marketing-mix.

These Companies and individual Professionals can now be found more and more frequently on: Facebook [FB]


Linked-in [LI]

MySpace [MS]

WordPress [WP] and a host of others...

The Speed and Ease of communicating and connecting with your clients and local prospects is amazing and even more-so reliable than email or snail-mail channels.

The sweet-spot for firms and professionals looking to engage this route of WEB 2.0 is FIRST TO FOLLOW basic WEB-ETIQUETTE and ASK FOR PERMISSION from your identified affinity group; Before sending out any AD related materials... or Risk being booted off the site or Worse BANNED and labeled as a SPAMMER.

The BEST WAY to Get Your Self and Company NOTICED /KNOWN is to: SEARCH For LOCAL MEMBERS Then... Request These Local Members to ADD YOU (or Your Firm) as FRIENDS [This can be very time-consuming individually but worth the effort].

You can also achieve even faster results by -

Searching by Your Industry's Keywords Under GROUPS... then JOIN A GROUP [or several groups] be they Business, Local, Social, Hobby, Interests, Yes - Even Beliefs/Religious; several businesses have done well via associating their firms/practices with religious connections...

Remember ,these are your clients and local prospects who have identified themselves as public embers of the particular group or association you and your firm may also have a connection to.

The next step is to Prepare to Send Out Messages by first reviewing current ones that show up on the site they may sometimes appear as BULLETINS or NOTICES but you won't have to look too far before you see a competitor's AD or posting.

TIP: Regularly Schedule posting of NOTICES and/or sending of BULLETINS for say your offer of an Online Workshop, Coupon, Time Sensitive Offers and Affinity Gifts such as a Members Only Discount or Open House Invite Trunk Show VIP Sale, etc. exclusively to your FB Friendster MS and/or WP Blog registered users.

IMPORTANT NOTE - However you obtained the list be it a Referral, Recommendation or Co-Reg, etc. - a great first impression is always a must. Successful design uses imagery relevant to your message. Great copy needs to be quick and to the point. And Don't Forget to include an irresistible offer and a distinct call to action!

Once you've negotiated the etiquette and learned the AD/Mktg posting Rules Lingo; now you can confidently schedule your marketing and communications [CRM - Client Relations Mgmt] as well as new Client Prospecting [awareness and pre-sell] campaigns with confidence.

Finally, WEB 2.0 is not a Marketing Magic Bullet in and of it self, however, it is rapidly gaining more importance as it can quickly position you and/or your firm as the Preferred AUTHORITY in your Local, Social Circles, Marketplace, and/or Industry.

5. Choose Your Emailing Services and/or Software Wisely

Standard-List Service Providers are how most large firms handle delivery economically, the mailing, list-cleaning, deliverability are all serviced, tracked and results reported to you within hours if instantly... with general tracking and follow up usually completed in a few days.

If you mail your own in-house and [company name stamped] email account you control the beginning and end yet you also incur the time-lost and cost to produce, implement, and manage each steps involved in the campaign losing valuable time and resources that could be allocated to your regular and direct income producing activities.

Have a list of 200+? Then you should seriously consider choosing the List Service out-placed Fulfillment option for quicker service and results. This can save you more in terms of Time, Money, and learning curve while providing you an even faster way to achieve better profitability!

6. Fanatically Track the #s of Your Email Campaign's Results

When you know how well your Emails are work, you can then adjust your next mailing for even better results. Email Marketing Campaigns and Promotions that create Positive cash flow are always worth repeating.

The True Name of the Game is to TEST Keep Success and Dup the Rest. Then TEST, TEST and TEST AGAIN... In Order TO COMPOUND [Leverage] Your SUCCESSFUL RESULTS!!!

7. Tweak [Refine]the Next Promotion You Run

The most effective Email programs are both consistent and frequent. We know why consistency is Important. But Just How Frequent is Too Often and How Can You Tell if its not often enough?

Well - you could consider seasonal buying trends [if your biz has seasons], Also your budget [did I mention that save the time and prep involved that your in-house Email is FREE], and pay attention to track and know what the previous response rates are/were in order to determine the best time[s] to Email them future promotions.

REMEMBER - Email gives you valuable time with your current clients and local prospects, so take advantage of it! Give them an irresistible offer AKA -- a Good Reason to visit your firm/store/ Personally Call on You or go to your website and make a request for more information, purchase, and/or appointment, etc.

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