Time For Your Email Marketing Strategy Grew Up?

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Pollen Marketing

Communicating regularly with your client list is important. According to Forrester Research, it was suggested that open rates for email marketing has picked up again by the end of 2010. So it is time to revisit your strategy.

Before we get into it, let's get one thing straight. This popular marketing channel also takes on average about 16+ hours per edition. You need to research topics, write copy, upload to email engine, proofread, monitor open rates, maintain your database and source out relevant images. That is too much time not to do it well.

Here are some top tips for improving the performance of your campaigns.

Consider the target audience
Provide useful, relevant information for your members. Ask yourself how helpful is this information to the people we are trying to engage? Not just sell your latest offer.

Keep the design really simple
Nothing else to say really but I will provide some examples at a latter date! Re-design it today!

Add links
This generation, particularly digital natives love being able to source the latest information really fast. The more links you provide on your newsletter, the better. Research shows that the more links are handed out, the more activity happens and higher the click - through rate. It is just another way for you to be helpful.

Are you trying to get them out too often?
Not because your audience will get feed up, but purely based on the amount of hours it takes to publish. Do a great job less often!

Early Bird catches the Worm
Get the newsletter email out, well before the people get in the office. Have a look at what that does to your open rates!

Be personable
I have seen open rate triple based on this principle alone. Splash a few smiley faces and personal stories written in the first person from time to time and check out the click - through rates. Think newspaper columnist and the personality behind the words. This includes populating sending the email from a real person.

There are different times of the week and day that impact your open rates. Click - through rates double on the weekend, and unsubscribes are highest on Tuesdays. Think about when you try and call somebody on a Tuesday morning compared with Thursday? You will get a completely different response.

Spam AKA sending it to people who haven't subscribed
It is against the law and does the perception of your brand no favours.

Customising an email piece for different groups of people, two times a year is better than sending out 10 emails to your entire list.

Tracking sales
16+ hours to collate a meaningful newsletter is expensive when it comes to your time. It is costing your company to get that information out. You must know what results it is yielding. Trace leads by setting up unique landing pages, web analytics ‘goals' or specific forms straight into your sales database.

Consider an alternative format
There are other ways to get your information out there e.g. Facebook Business Page as people can interact with it immediately.

Split your database up and send different versions out all the while tweaking. Changing very simple things like a call to action can change the response rate dramatically. We would love you to get to a point of best practice for your industry. Wouldn't it be great if you could work out exactly what triggers sales for your unique industry?

There is some detailed notes from Dan Zarrella, an award-winning viral marketing scientist at the HubSpot.

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