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In the past almost ten years, Google and the other major search engine players (Yahoo!, AOL, MSN, Live, and Ask) literally changed the way we do business and permanently altered our culture for the better. Search has become such a widely discussed topic in today’s Internet world and if it was to be sucked away from us right now, I seriously believe the world would stop spinning.
The Internet is changing ever so fast. Every second there's hundreds of new websites being born throughout the world. People and companies are growing their Internet-based businesses faster than every before. Our lives have become completely morphed by the software and websites that allow us to communicate with users across the globe.
Web 2.0 has changed the way we think about the Web; whether you believe that Web 2.0 is a valid name or just some coined term by Tim O'Reilly used to define the "newer" websites that function as web-applications.