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Emoticons are typically text-based faces and objects that help provide the reader a feel of the writer's feelings behind the text. For example, the classic =) face shows that the writer is cheery about something or that his message is in good humor.
During the most usage hours the customers must not face any problem in accessing the site and hence maximum server space must be provided during those hours. This will ensure that more people will use the website at the same time. This is also one of the conversion enhancement techniques.
The Internet has conveyed mass media to the audience around the globe. The interactive environment of Internet marketing in terms of providing instantaneous response and prompting responses is an exceptional quality of the medium
Having a website for your business is a very good option indeed. Though you have to learn more on how your website can be helpful once it is on the web server. Your website being on the web server does not mean that the website is being watched by the potential clients.
A little more than a year after he sold his company Hotmail to Bill Gates' Microsoft Corporation, 30-year old Sabeer Bhatia has said goodbye to Gates to start yet another company. There's no firm idea for a company yet, Bhatia says. He will only reveal this much: Along with a few friends from Stanford University, where he earned a masters degree in electrical engineering, he is working on a plan for an e-commerce company.
56 out of every 100 businesses are NOT found on internet because they do not have a website or any other form of web presence, so the customers looking for information and possibly making a decision to buy obviously go to the other 44 who do… Are you one of those who are giving away their business? And, if yes, what can you do to stop it...
Learn how Google is so much more than a Search Engine and the products (Mostly FREE) in Google's suite that will make your life easier that you thought...
You can’t afford to have what I call “ZERO Web Presence”. This article tells you how with a little bit of each – time, money and efforts investment you can build a solid web presence in a short period of time, that makes sure that your customers find you when they are looking for you and more importantly they find what they were looking for and like what they see…
The internet has changed the way we do business. It has revolutionized the world of self employed, the first time entrepreneur, or a small home based business and put them on par with the big corporate in terms of technology
There are many internet browsers in the universe that can be used but we want to use the best ones on the market. Safari and Google Chrome are the latest browsers so far and are astonishing to use. Safari was first created by Apple and they say that it's the fastest browser out there right now.