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1. Charles Chua C K
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Charles Chua C K runs LifeStyle Changes For Life blog. He was previously holding a management position in hotels and beach resorts. He is well versed in healthy lifestyle. He has some experience in teaching English language as well. Now he devotes his time to writing articles about his past experiences relating to health, career, money, home, relationships, education, happiness, Feng Shui, writing and more. The aim of his articles is to share useful tips about life with his readers.

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2. Muhammad Yaqoob
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Internet Marketer

Being a Social Media Enthusiast and a Corporate Blogger. I Consult, Speak and Write about the value of using Social Media to build communities and to make a positive contribution to the society.

Please visit my blog [NY Mafia]to know more about me.

Currently I am working as Consultant in a public sector University [UoG] for the following departments/assignments:
-Social Media and Computational Marketing
-Software Development Center & Automation
-Human Resource and Development
-Career Counseling
-Training and Developments
-Business Development
-Printing Press and Media

Prior to this I had worked with UNICEF, NICON Group, CASE, IQRA University, Pak-AIMS, and Sloan Executive Development Center.



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3. Bob Hebert
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Internet marketing made easy for boomers

My background is in traditional marketing where I have been a media buyer, planner and advertising account executive. Recently I found a way to use my traditional marketing skills to effectively generate leads, add value and create lasting relationships online. Cool. For more info and to check my rants, raves and reviews, visit my blog at And if you're looking to learn new marketing skills and get some inside information, go ahead and opt in to receive my free training videos.


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4. Yogesh Giri
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