Product Launch hitting the bull’s eye

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"The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play of instinct acting
from inner necessity."

The launch of any brand undergoes three phases.........that's:
1. Pre-launch phase
2. Launch phase
3. Post launch phase

Creating the mastermind
In pre-launch phase, we'll start with the concept of creating and building mastermind group. What's mastermind? Let me take you to the literal meanings of this important word as it carries a high impact on your world.

What's mastermind?
According to Babylon Dictionary: Mastermind means:-
v. engineer a plan; organize a plot; invent a scheme.
n. genius; one who engineers an intricate plan; intellect of a mastermind.

According to Concise Oxford English Dictionary:-
Mastermind means:-

  • noun, a person with outstanding intellect.
  • a person who plans and directs a complex scheme or enterprise.
  • verb, be the mastermind of.

Concise Oxford Thesaurus explains mastermind as:
verb, he masterminded the whole campaign: PLAN, control, direct, be in charge of, run, conduct, organize, arrange, preside over, orchestrate, stage-manage, engineer, manage, coordinate; conceive, devise, originate, initiate, think up, frame, hatch, come up with; informal be the brains behind.

noun, the mastermind behind the project: GENIUS, mind, intellect, author, architect, organizer, originator, prime mover, initiator, inventor.

You'll have the best discussion, the best discourse and the best explanation about Mastermind in the motivational classics The Law of Success and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Napoleon Hill (October 26, 1883-November 8, 1970) was an American author who was one
of the earliest producers of the modern field of personal-success literature. "What the mind of man
can conceive and believe, it can achieve", is one of Hill's hallmark expressions.

Napoleon Hill defines mastermind in his book The Law of Success as:
"A mind that is developed through the harmonious co-operation of two or more people who ally
themselves for the purpose of accomplishing any given task."3
I'll explain the concept of mastermind by dwelling on its two characteristics.
1. Economic characteristic
2. Psychic characteristic

The economic feature is obvious. Economic advantages may be created by any person, who
surrounds himself with the advice, council and personal cooperation of a group of men who're
willing to lend him wholehearted aid in a spirit of perfect harmony. This form of cooperative
alliance has been the basis of nearly every great fortune. Your understanding of this great truth
may definitely determine your success in any aspect of life.

The psychic phase of mastermind is much difficult to comprehend. Let me explain this way
that when two minds in a spirit of harmony string together they weave a strand of an invisible
and intangible force which may be likened to a third mind. This third mind is much more potent,
stronger and intelligent in contrast to the solitary mind standing alone. Man's brain is similar to
an electric battery. It's a well-known fact that a group of electric batteries will provide more
energy than a single battery.

Napoleon Hill very brilliantly illustrates the idea of electric battery in The Law of Success. The
brain of human being may be compared to an electric battery in that it'll become exhausted or
run down, causing the owner of it to feel despondent, dejected, discouraged and lacking in
"pep". Who's so fortunate as never to have had such feeling? The human brain, when in this
depleted condition, must be recharged and the manner in which this is done is through contact
with a more vital mind or minds. The great leaders are highly aware of the gigantic force of this
"recharging" process, and, moreover, they understand how to accomplish this result.

When group of individual brains are coordinated and function in harmony, the increased
energy created through that alliance becomes available to every individual brain in the cell.
"A man's chief business in life is to succeed".

There're certain pre-conditions for creating a mastermind group.
• There should be an absolute absence of jealousy.
• There should be an absolute absence of competition in the sense of winning at the
expense of each others.
• There should be an absolute absence of leg pulling, backstabbing and politicking.
• There should be an absolute spirit of harmony, accord and synchronization, congruence
and compatibility and singleness of the purpose.
• There must be pure and clean intellect and intent.

All mastermind members must be genuine and honest friends. Their exclusive objective and
intention must be to deliver something to the group. When everybody gives, then as a natural
corollary everybody receives. What goes around comes around in bucks and bundles. Life is like
a boomerang; what we send comes back. The relation among masterminds is a heart-to-heart
relation based on the highest degree of sincerity, purity and singleness of the purpose. These
friendships can be genuine, soul-to-soul and not just circumstantial and symbiotic.

Let me elaborate it with an example. If A and B each has a note of hundred rupees and A
gives his note to B and B gives his note to A, as a result of this transaction they're not better off.
But on the other hand if A has an idea and B has an idea, A shares his idea with B and B shares
his idea with A then both have two ideas. This idea sharing is only possible when masterminds'
objective is to enrich and enhance their mastermind group.

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