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You can increase your blog or website revenue with different techniques, one of the fastest and increasing technique is RSS. According to adsense policy you can’t email ads to anyone but using RSS you can show adsense in emails as well according to your email template.Increase your RSS members will increase your adsense revenue.
When you visit a website and you like the articles very much and you want to read future posts. What do you do?
The Internet is a race - a race to see who can acquire the most content on their website or blog in the shortest period of time. Whether it's text, images, data or video; the sites who obtain the most content are the ones who will generate the most traffic and ultimately sell for millions of dollars to larger corporation like Yahoo, Google, Fox or Microsoft.
“Thousands of people were producing new Web sites every day. We were just trying to take all that stuff and organize it to make it useful. ” - David Filo
The YouTube API allows you to easily add YouTube videos to your website or application. Through the API, you gain access to key parts of the YouTube video repository and user community through the open API interface and RSS feeds.