Effective Traffic Building Practices

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If you are using the Internet for any sort of marketing purpose, you need traffic. Whether you are selling your latest product or you're using your website to try to drum up more business for your dental practice, without traffic you won't get very far.

There are millions of sites in web recording single figure visitor counts everyday and with many days showing no visitors at all. But main question is how do you build up traffic to your website, products and/or services?

There are many way to get traffic to your website product and /or services.

Article Marketing

If you can write, create a batch of engaging and useful articles that link back to your website. You can then post these articles on free article directories like Articlesbase, EzineArticles, GoArticles, etc. Google and the other search engines think highly of these directories and that means you have a greater likelihood of ranking for the keywords you use.

Search Engine

It's quite simple, if you won't be in a search engine how will your visitor find you? But, the million dollar question is, how, out of billions of sites, you get a high ranking in search engines? Every search engine works on a particular algorithm.

Not only all search engines use different algorithms they also often change it and it's really difficult to decipher their strategy. Use Meta tags and keywords wisely because these should be the most useful weapons in your arsenal. Search engines will identify you with your Meta tags and keywords.

Good Website Design

The design of your ecommerce website needs to be of top quality. This means creating an eye catching homepage displaying your products and promotions whilst boasting and implementing easy and accessible navigation for your visitors.

Create A Ton of High Quality Content-

Your acupuncture website, chirorpactic website, or therapy internet site should have more excellent quality content on it than anybody else in your neighborhood. The search engines reward valuable content more than ever because they want to give their users the best experience achievable. Setting up your own practice blog is a very handy strategy to easily make excellent health articles on a constant basis.

Add Social Bookmarking Tools to Your Product Pages

Use social bookmarking tools such as the Facebook Share or like button, Tweet and ReTweet buttons, Stumble Upon and Digg buttons to your product pages. This is very effective and can encourage your visitors to share products and services on your site with their friends on social networking sites.

Classifieds in Ezines

The biggest bang for your marketing buck will come from ezine advertising. For $10 - $50 per classified ad, you can reach thousands of potential customers in your targeted market. With thousands of different ezines available, you can expand into hundreds of them once you find a classified ad and follow-up system that works for your product or service.By testing your little classified ads and expanding into more and more ezines every week, you could quickly start reaching millions of people weekly and earning an income to match.

Banner Ads on Individual Sites

When people think of banner ads they almost always think of the major search engines or major sites online. Well, I have been advertising lately with banners, and I can tell you something.Making money using banner ads on these high traffic high cost sites is extremely difficult and risky. These sites will charge you $20 per 1,000 impressions to general audiences and $50 per 1,000 impressions to targeted markets.

Low cost website traffic method

Always put your URL on letterhead, business cards and in e-mail signatures - wherever potential visitors are likely to see it.

Promote Yourself- Put your URL stickers on taxis and other public transport vehicles. Distribute T shirts with your URL printed on it - this is the fast and easiest way to promote your site in every nook and corner.

Get active in online discussion groups, chats and when appropriate, always give out your URL.

Nitesh Ahir is CEO of web development company eSparkInfo Solution and focusing on web development services.

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