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Having your web site ranked at the top of the search engine hit list is a daunting task. It takes a lot of research into strategy; a lot of rethinking, playing with keywords, and you have to be ready to devote time to studying the effects of changes you make. Developing a good SEO strategy is critical to online success. Earning income online is the goal of everyone who owns a website and an online business. The more people you can churn through the virtual turnstiles of your web site, the better your chances. A good SEO ranking will take your online business to the next level of profitability. Here are some search engine optimization methods you should be using. If you are not, consider researching and starting to implement them today.

On Page Optimization

On page optimization means getting your web site ready when the search engine robots come calling. They nose around your website. What they take away and thus how they rank your site depends on how robot-friendly your site is. Does it have keyword optimization? Alt tags on your images? Deep navigation? SEO friendly links? Meta tags? SEO friendly code? If the answer to any of these is ‘No', or you are not sure what these terms refer to, then you have some work to do - work that will benefit you.
Optimizing your pages makes good sense. It is an investment and like any good investment, it will pay dividends. While on page optimization may only account for about 15% of your ranking score, 15% is nothing to sneeze at. It all adds up.


Another part of optimizing your web site is to change the content regularly. People and search engines alike want to see fresh content when they visit your site. Are you still providing yesterday's newspaper? Been there! Read it! Tweaking your content and ‘pinging' it to the search engines is something you should be doing at least a couple times a week.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is another good search engine optimization strategy. It can be very successful. Basically, you write articles with a single keyword focus and a link back to your website. There are hundreds of article directories you can upload those articles to. There are a top few and then a whole raft of lesser known directories. All have their place. Most times you can place articles for free though some want you to pay a fee and join. Nah...there are enough free directories out there that you don't have to bother with the paid ones. Posting an article gives you a link back to your site from the directory and a link that the search engines pick up. Every backlink adds to your rank.

You need to write articles continuously to keep your name fresh with the search engines and keep those links active.

Trusted Sites

While getting backlinks from article directories is definitely a critical part of your marketing plan, there is a special category of backlinks you want to cultivate if you can. Those are called ‘trusted sites' These are sites that Google regards highly. Anything that ends in .GOV or .EDU is a trusted site. High level directories like DMOZ or Yahoo! are other trusted sites as are major forums and information or news sources.

Link Baiting

If you are really good at coming up with articles that attract attention all by themselves - unique content, entertaining, informative and topical, people will read them for their own sake. The industry term is ‘link baiting'. Suppose you have a health-related web site and you write an article about a new discovery that most people have yet to hear about, well that would be a powerful article that people would refer to others. If you have the credibility to back up the article, it would quickly draw attention from many other websites and they, in turn, would link it and watch for future articles of yours.

Marketing through Social Media

Social media is a popular strategy with today's marketers though often abused with blatant ads by marketers who fail to understand that to succeed in social media marketing, they have to provide something more. People who enjoy the social media such as Facebook and Twitter are there for the fun of it - sharing stories, pictures and experiences. If you can contribute, then there is nothing wrong with adding a little end link back to your web site - but you must provide value if you want people to read your comments. Otherwise you will be ignored and thus waste your time. Become an authority that people like to read and do it often. Play the game and score the points

You should have an overall marketing plan for your web site and a vital part of that should be search engine optimization (SEO). Change, adjust and fix - it will pay off in increased visibility, more traffic to your web site and go a long ways towards your goal of earning income online.

Using one strategy is not going to lift you in exalted fashion above the crowd. You need to be using as many ways as you can think of to optimize your search engines so that when their robots come surreptitiously creeping thorough your web pages, they like what they find - fresh, new and robot-friendly content. If they don't find it, they'll just go away and perhaps never come back. That is something you don't want to happen. Keep the robots happy. Feed them what they want.

Bob Taylor

Bob Taylor is an educator, author and entrepreneur. He publishes a twice-weekly MoneySecrets newsletter full of information to help people earn income online. New subscribers receive a complimentary e-book "Earning Super Affiliate Commissions". Sign-up at MoneySecrets


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