10 Ways To Get Free Traffic To Your Website

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Traffic is the currency of the web, which means the more traffic your website or blog gets, the easier it will be for you to maximize your success.

The10 ways are:-

1. Create Squidoo Lenses and HubPages Hubs

A Squidoo "lens" or a Hubpages "hub" is like a mini one page website that provides an overview of a specific topic. They are both free to create, you can create them on almost any topic you can think of, and you can include images, videos and any other information you like on them, including links to your website or blog.

2. Create A Video And Submit It To Video Sharing Sites

A few simple videos can dramatically increase your exposure and help drive more traffic to your site. You can use videos to:

Introduce yourself, your products or services
Create buzz during a new product launch
Deliver product demonstrations
Build your email list by offering free videos
Create a video sales pitch to sell your products or services
Provide tutorials or training

3. Write A Controversial Article

When you publish something controversial on your site, people will talk about it and link to it, either because they strongly agree or disagree with you. The result will be a lot of traffic coming your way.

4. Do Some Article Marketing

Article marketing is an incredibly effective free way to boost your traffic. All you need to do is write and submit some informative keyword-rich articles of around 400-600 words to the top few article directories, and be sure to include a keyword anchored link in the bio section or resource box.

Articles written using well-researched keyword phrases tend to rank very high in Google for those search terms, and well-written articles are more likely to be selected by others for inclusion in their Ezine or on their site, giving you more and more valuable backlinks. So be sure to put some effort into creating quality articles that include well-researched keywords and watch your traffic soar.- you can sell to them from there.

5. Answer Questions on Yahoo! Answers or LinkedIn

Browse the open questions on Yahoo! Answers or LinkedIn Answers and when you come across one related to your site, answer it - without sounding like a spammer. You can include a link to your website or to a related article on your site as an additional resource. This is a great way to exhibit your expertise, get noticed on relevant keywords, put your URL out there and attract highly targeted traffic to your site.

6. Publish A Funny Image As Link Bait

Almost everyone loves to have a good laugh and publishing a funny image is an easy way to give it to them and increase traffic to your site at the same time when people start linking to it. Check out the pics section on Reddit.com for some inspiration.

7. Release A Free eBook, Free Report or Cheat Sheet

This is one of the most effective ways to generate traffic. Simply write a helpful eBook, free report or cheat sheet to give away that contains information that is both valuable to others and relevant to your website/business, include your website address in the footer so people know where to go for more information, then release it on your site.

Include a direct download link, and email bloggers in your niche letting them know about it.
The better the information you provide, the more people will share it, and the more traffic you'll get as a result.

8. Organize An Ad Swap With Someone

Offer up your unused ad space to promote the website of an ad swap partner in your niche in exchange for them doing the same for you. The ad could be a banner, an email message, or a newsletter or Ezine ad.

9. Create A Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is free social media traffic. So if you haven't already got one, get on over to Facebook and create a Fan page dedicated to your website or blog. Once you've created your fan page, be sure to send out a message to all your Facebook friends asking them to "Like" it, and encourage them to get their friends to "Like" it too.
These are all simple methods you can start doing immediately to almost instantly increase traffic to your blog or website and get more sales, so start implementing them today.

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