Guidelines of submitting website to web directories

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Ensuring that you follow these guidelines when submitting your site to directories that will give you a better chance of getting approved.

1. Url
2. Title
3. Description
4. Category
5. Keywords
6. Name
7. Email
8. Address
9. Site content & Others

1. Url:
The general guidelines for URL as below:

• Some directories are require adding a forward slash ‘/' at the end of the url. Remember this one where is need.
• Very few directories accept domains hosted on free hosting services or domains that are not registered - avoid submitting these kind of domains.

2. Title of your Site:
The Title Reflect the main aim of your website and Title is the headline for your listing. During the directory submission process you will be asked to enter your website's title; Most of time title acts as the anchor text that will be used to link to your website. so choose it's perfectly regarding to SEO benefits. Each directory has its own criteria about title. There are many directories are allow titles with keywords to describe the site. But few directories do not allow the usage of keywords in the title and only allow for the company or website name. In such cases, you should only use the official name of your site without any keywords.

The general guidelines for writing acceptable titles would be:

• The title should be relevant to the purpose of the site.
• Check that the lengths of Title and Description are within the allowed limits, number of words or characters.
• Avoid repetition of keywords.
• Avoid any type of promotional language.
• Avoid capitalize the first letter of every word and also do not use all caps in your title or description.
• Avoid exaggerated adjective words like 'largest', ‘best', 'leader', 'cheapest', 'greatest' or any other

3. Description:
The Title and Description together must accurately describe what your site is about and Description is appears under the headline. There are a few points you should keep in mind when writing your descriptions:

• All the points mentioned above for the title
• Description should ideally just describe what the site offers:you may include features and benefits.
• Do not mention any pricing details or any other promotional details that are subject to change with time.
• Do not make the description sound too promotional.
• Most directories wouldn't want you to mention a phone number and address details in the description - so it's best to avoid putting in those details.

4. Category:
Choosing the proper category for directory submissions. choosing the right category for each directory submission is an important step in the directory submission process. A listing under a relevant category improves the link value of your site to search engines. There are a few directories are very particular about you choosing the right category. Many people make the mistake of selecting the category too fast without checking if there would be a more relevant category. Take the time to go through the directory's choice of categories and choose the most appropriate category.

Most seo friendly directories state within their submission guidelines that you should choose the "deepest" category available that is related to your website otherwise your submission will be declined, if you submit to a "deep" category, you will not only improve your chances for acceptance into a directory, you'll have a greater chance that your website's directory listing will be listed amongst related websites, giving you a "contextual" backlink instead of a back link from a page with non-related content. Choosing right category is the best option in terms of website optimization benefits;

For some directories, where you're not able to find a suitable category, you may even suggest a relevant category (if the directory allows you to do so) and if the directory editor finds it suitable, your site would be added under the newly created category you suggested.

5. Keywords:
Some directories require to specify the keywords to be associated with your listing.
Guidelines about Keywords:

• Do not use non-related keywords that has no relevant to your website.So please choose your keywords carefully. • Don't repeat any keyword more than once and also make sure you have the keywords entered in the format required.
• Some directories may require you to enter each keyword separated by a comma, e.g. keyword1, keyword2 - while
• Some may require the keywords to be separated by a space. So just make sure you follow their guidelines.

6. Name:
Most directories want to know who is submitting a site to them and ask for your name

7. Email:
An email address would enable the directories to communicate to you about acceptance or rejection of your website.So Please provide a valid, working email address. To minimize spam trouble, you could set up a separate email account to receive mail from the directories.

8. Address:
Some Directories might also ask for your address.

9. Site content & Others:
Directory Submission Tips Some other helpful tips to get your website submission approved by directories. Here are a few other general guidelines as below:

• Make sure that your website content is real content written in English.
• The website should be complete.Never submit a site that is under construction or is about to launch.
• Make sure your site is fully operational before you have it submitted.
• Some directories don't accept sites having just one page. It is preferable for your site to have a few pages.
• Do not submit sites that have no content.
• Look at the existing listings in different categories and find the category where sites similar to yours are listed
• Keep the ads & affiliate links to a minimum. You will not likely get accepted to a directory if you have a site overrun with ads or affiliate links.
• A few directories do not accept sites with ‘mirror content', i.e. sites having the same content but different domains. Unique content is best.
• Adult, warez, hate-illegal and copyright-violating content Or that link to adult, warez, hate-illegal and copyright-violating content are examples that many directories generally reject this type of websites .

• Some directories will review your website within a few days of submission, other directories may take as long as 1 or 2 months so be prepared to wait.
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