7 things you should be doing to promote your website

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Following thing you should consider when you promote your website:

1. Advertise in E-Mail Newsletters
We're not talking about spam. We're talking about advertising to people who have signed up to receive e-mail for some reason. There are essentially two types of e-mail advertising: opt-in lists and
e-mail newsletters.

Opt-in lists are lists of people who have signed up to receive advertising. Some people sign up for "I'll scratch your back, you scratch mine" plans. In other words, they agree to receive e-mail in return for something else.

For instance, a company may hold regular drawings, giving away computers to the winners. To be included in the drawing, participants must be on the company's mailing list. Of course, the problem with this sort of list is that the people who sign up may have no interest at all in receiving the e-mail, and may delete it without reading it. All they want is the chance to win a prize.

2. Set up an Affiliate Program
There are two sides to the affiliate game. Most people are playing the game by signing up with affiliate programs, then linking from their Web sites to the site running the affiliate program ...
hoping to make money in the form of commissions. It's very easy to get started, and hundreds of thousands of people have already done so. Amazon.com claims to have 400,000 affiliates (or
"associates," as they call them), for instance.

Of course there's another way to play the affiliate game ... you can set up an affiliate program yourself, linked to a shopping-cart system, then recruit other Web sites to send business to you.

One of the largest directories of affiliate programs on the Web, AssociatePrograms.com, lists just 2694 different programs. Of the millions of businesses operating on the Internet, just a few thousand
have managed to not only set up a shopping-cart system of some kind, but to also integrate an affiliate program into it.

3.Publish an E-Mail Newsletter
When individuals visit any given web page, they might stay there for 10-20 seconds before their attention span fades away. Either their attention is drawn to something else, they click on another
link which leads them away from your site, or they simply get bored. So, your first (main) page needs to have enough information to entice that user.

Unless you have something worth returning
for, they're probably never going to return. Sure, they might bookmark it, they may even put a link to your site on their own web page, but the chances are slim that they're going to keep coming back
to you regularly.However, if you can show visitors what you have to offer up front and get them to subscribe to your e-mailed publication, then you're going to have them as captive audience members until they decide to unsubscribe.

You don't have to count on them to revisit your website at all; they're going to receive your e-zine whether or not they're online when it arrives in their e-mailbox. Get them to join, and then send them on their merry way.

4. Enter your Site to Win Online Awards
Awards started off slowly. There was a Cool Site of the Day, The Top 5% of All the Sites on the Web, and so forth; but Web site awards have exploded. There's a Cool Site of the Second, for crying out
loud, a site devoted to cataloguing the best "page not found" errors online, awards for Best Dog Sites-there are all kinds of awards available.

As you might guess from the fact that there are so many awards, they're not quite as meaningful as they used to be. Reams of meaningless awards can be bought for the price of a few e-mails. Some sites will give you awards simply if you link to them.

You probably want to avoid these; they don't
do you or your site a lot of good.On the other hand, there are some great awards that can have a big effect on traffic. We'll point you to some good ones, and, if you really want to learn about every available award, we'll give you some links to those too.

5. Submit Articles to other E-Mail Newsletters and Sites
It should be easy for you to position yourself as an expert that other Webmasters and e-zine editors will want to expose to their audiences. You should already be creating content for your own site and
newsletter. While you may decide to make select portions of your content exclusively available through your own vehicles, most of your content should be freely shared with the world.

I'm not talking about material you write that's sold in books and other formats; material from those projects should be reserved for paying customers. What we're addressing now are the many articles, columns, and tips you publish with the sole intent of spreading them far and wide.

6. Offer Free E-Mail Courses
Once you write and set up an email course, it becomes an incredibly easy and effective way to promote your site and your products. An e-mail course is a short series of lessons delivered, ofcourse, by e-mail. Interested students sign up by sending an e-mail to an autoresponder address of your choice.

To set one up, you'll need to use an autoresponder service that has follow-up message capabilities. Many autoresponders that come with basic Web-hosting packages are often of the oneshot variety. That means the autoresponder will send only one return message and that's it. You can either ask your Web host if it offers a multiple-message option, or you can use a free online autoresponder service, such as GetResponse.com,FastFacts.net etc.

7. Participate in Mailing Lists and Discussion Groups
Mailing lists allow a group of people to exchange messages with each other in such a way that everyone participates. Messages are delivered by e-mail. Discussion groups are more like static online
bulletin boards. Both present an opportunity for you to promote your product or services. However,it is very important that you post properly; you will not benefit by posting blatant advertisements.

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