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Four simple steps to dominating the social space. No matter where your prospects look, all roads lead them back to YOU!
Have you ever wished your company/employer should use the power of the internet as a marketing tool? Ever feel like your company was behind the arc?
Don’t sell. Help them buy. Every single social media tool can be helpful to your prospective buyers. Social media is not something you jump into when you need a quick boost in sales. It is just like traditional offline networking. Occasionally you make a profitable connection quickly, but lasting value is gained by a long-term commitment and multiple intersecting relationships.
This is the first in a few articles that will provide some advice on how to go about building your presence online. This Presence Builder will advise on such things as why your avatar choice is important, why your online name must be picked with caution to what you vote for on social networking sites amongst many issues.
Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, You must have heard of these social networking sites, but have you tried using any to market your self and business? With these social networks growing in popularity, there is one social network in particular that should be a part of your social media marketing plan.
Facebook is a serious money machine. Getting Facebook traffic to money making offers has been the goldmine eluding most marketers. Only those who learn the mechanics of Facebook truly understand how to use its power. So, how do you crack the code?
If you have not considered HubPages as a money maker, think again. HubPages is being used by savvy writers to earn money for their work, all on autopilot. You can learn how to duplicate or surpass their success.
There is a serious dark side to social networking. And it isn't what you think.
Social Media has become very important in an internet marketers promotional arsenal. Simply described the social media is a platform where people gather and form communities to discuss and share information.
Orkut was voted one of the best social networking sites by (a magazine published in Malaysia) with a score of 8/10 in their April 08 issue. Joining Orkut is easy.