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My name is Joe Procopio, and I’m hooked on LinkedIn. For me, that’s a big statement. As a long time purveyor of finding the usefulness of social networking principles in the squishiness of technology (see, the community that did community before community was cool – and by “cool” I mean “a vast wasteland of pseudo-personal noise and shady marketing shenanigans”), I find the recent social networking phenomenon to be a big pain in my technical butt.
The art of mingling does not come naturally for most, so it's not a mystery as to why the word networking includes the word "work". It requires time, tact, and guts.
Social and business networking are big. It seems the masses have figured out what many well-connected business people already knew: that having the right connections and using them well can make all the difference to your success.
Let’s look at ways to expand your LinkedIn network, the online network of more than 11 million experienced professionals from around the world, representing 150 industries.
It's talked about, blogged about and reached the point that you're not "in" unless you're LinkedIn.
Social networks are slippery. By their nature, they invite competition because the user base is only as interested as the number of friends they have (which eventually slows in growth) and the number of things they can do (which can feature creep people to death).
In the heyday of the Facebook hype (it seems so long ago now!), Facebook was going to eat LinkedIn’s lunch. Based on recent experience, I don’t think so.
I just found a more useful way to search than Google. (Sort of.) It only works for a defined use case, but, in a search market that is 85% going on 90% Google-dominated, this can still be significant.
From virtual communities that allow members to upload and share their media to social content websites that permit users to "tag" and communicate their favorite blogs, articles and websites with one another, social networking websites are popping up everywhere we turn.
Lately I've been actively on and I must say I am pretty impressed with the positive exposure I've received since I became active on the site. For all of those who don't know what LinkedIn is, according to the site LinkedIn is an online network of more than 14 million experienced professionals from around the world, representing 150 industries.