Social Networking To Increase Web Traffic - It's As Old As The Hills

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It is a verifiable truth that, no matter what each individual's general demeanour, everyone has the deep-seated propensity to communicate. The historic spread of different languages bares witness to that fact. The contemporary quickening of innovations to support communication endorses it.

So, you may ask, what relevancy is this to Internet marketing and website SEO tools and tips? Just be patient for a little while, this is all important website background information. All will become clear speedily.

In a nutshell, every person is a social being who needs to communicate. Family, friends, work fellows, neighbours, and even total strangers - in order to function in today's modern society, we obligated to communicate with them all.

Words are the dominant method of communication. Be they voiced or written. Witness the breathtaking proliferation of mobile telephones and text messaging over the latter years. Talk is cheap, or so they say, but texting is usually cheaper!

Language ,in all its guises, clearly is the nuts and bolts of all communication.

However, time after time, even without realising it, everyone of us communicates in an assortment of non-verbal means and ways.

We might hear a sports commentator offer the view that "the body language displays the fact that they have accepted defeat". Or, to see someone's face light up is peculiarly expressive of a good point of view. Whereas, a cheerless posture may illustrate the fact that an individual's heart is just not in it.

Whilst we are handing out the cliches, how about "a picture is worth a thousand words". No wonder today's mobile telephones include a full-colour, totally interactive, touch screen. Camera wielding, application working, games entertaining, Internet connectivity - yes, the vogue generation of mobile telephone certainly tries to forget its unassuming origins and disguises itself as an all-encompassing, multi-media, computer-plus-something-else gadget.

So, we now breach the subject of the Internet and how it reflects our need for social communication.

Never before in the annals of human experience have so many words been up for grabs, on so many disparate topics, to so many people.

Company websites, web portals, private website, everyday web-blogs, social networking, Usenet forums, RSS feeds, podcasts, newsletters, instant messaging and emails. Each one has got something to pronounce, and most want to say it to you!

Undoubtedly, never before in human experience have so many words, on so many different themes, been dismissed by so many people.

For those running a company, the need to communicate is indisputable. That old adage "telling is selling" did not get to last for so long without the oxygen of truth fanning its continuance.

For those conducting an Internet business, the necessity to advertise and explain their product remains. For all that, you cannot just set up a store on the Internet and hope to benefit from passing foot-traffic. You reside in cyberspace. There is no bustling main street or expansive shopping mall with a ready made swarm of customers from which you can allure a steady flow. You have to pro-actively introduce your own foot-traffic. You not only service and fulfil your customers' desires by using the modern, digital medium but, you must also spawn your customer base using that very same electronic medium.

That is the task. You can promulgate all the cyberspace words and advertising literature you like but, without anybody reading those words, you are not communicating, you are simply shouting in an vacant marketplace.

So how do you get your voice heard? How do you get your message across? How do you get your treasured customers engaged with you in the first place?

Just a while ago, I asked my nephew why he spent so much time playing games on his X-Box. With all innocence, the twelve year old stared at me deliberately before replying: "I'm not playing, I'm gainfully employing the resources made available to me."

Perhaps that is the kernel of undertaking business on the new technology: develop a social group of newly instituted friends that will view their communication with you, and your company, as an amusing one that provides quickly accessible, stimulating, entertaining and authoritative content. Then, unquestionably, your products will be seen in an identical light.

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Robert James BSc(Hons) is the editor of the independent Madeira travel guide. He has been a Freelance Computer Professional for 25 years and has had numerous articles published in the trade press.

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