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Video is here to stay. Witness the fact that YouTube already has more video than ABC, CBS, and NBC has ever produced since they went ‘on-air’, over 50 years ago.
For Internet marketers, the most powerful aspect of video that has been invented in recent months is the software and know how to create video products. Yes, video that you could actually watch from your monitor screen. Video that is accompanied by audio commentaries, which seek to inform, teach, sell, and to entertain. But, how do you pull it off?
When it comes to using video websites to promote your online web site or blog, you will have a number of different options but the leader by far is YouTube. You can have access to millions of viewers, for free, and generate huge amounts of traffic to your web site or blog.
The days are gone where techie's dominated video marketing by having a corner on the knowledge to use software to create videos that sell. Today, the Internet provides a multitude of video marketing tools designed to appeal to budding video marketers who lack techie knowledge.
As the Internet continues to expand, video is taking hold and is responsible for the newest explosion of online traffic. Whether it's an online news website like MSN, an online sports website like ESPN or simply an email from your friends, video is a likely candidate for viewing content online. It's almost not considered fun anymore unless there is some type of video involved in your online experience.