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A truly successful Web 2.0 site does not need its creator to run it at all. In fact, the creator may just fade away. Find out how your Web 2.0 or social site never grow stale...
Custom Logo is the spearhead of trading efforts: their reason is not only to announce the clientele about the goods or services you offer, but furthermore to focus the detail that you offer better answers than your competitors.
Yahoo! Answers is a web community where you can ask questions and people who have knowledge about your specific question answer it. With over 90 million people visiting and sharing the knowledge, it is a lot of web traffic if you are able to make a mark in Yahoo Answers.
Collective Intelligence and Web Version 2.0 used to be known as behavioral targeted marketing. No more.
Michael Arrington's post on TechCrunch, "Squidoo: Seth Godin's Purple Albatross?" got me thinking and I must say I agree with some of Michael's points but I also disagree with some of his others.