How to Increase Loyalty of Website?

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In Current Situation Most companies lose 50% of their customers (or partners) in less than 5 years. One of the main reasons is website Loyalty/Retention .How can you increase your customer loyalty? Here there is some of suggestion of how to improve website loyalty.

Email Newsletters:

Keep customers informed and in touch with your company even when they aren't ready to buy; you'll be remembered when they are in the market for your products and services.

High- Quality Photography:

Great photos can help overcome the biggest downside of shopping online as people can't touch or inspect your products in person.


Video can be used both on and off site with the goal of increasing traffic and brand awareness. Video can take the form of product demonstrations, testimonials, education or just for plain fun!


Polls are a great way of engaging with your users whilst at the same time gathering valuable feedback or data. Polls allow viewers to voice an opinion and, in turn, they often enjoy checking results to see how other people feel on a given subject. Polls are easy to set up using the many free and paid resources which are available.

Simplified Text:

Follow guidelines for online content

After-Sales Communication:

There is an art to after sales communication, and it is an art that you need to learn to master. So, your website operates online, but that doesn't mean that the whole of your business has to. If you sell digital products that are downloaded then ensure that emails and all online communication includes your branding. If you sell physical products, then your paper invoices, and everything down to your packing labels should also be branded.

Conduct surveys and track results:

Surveys can prove to be a valuable tool and source of information. You can set up surveys to go to clients in the beginning of a relationship after you first meet a client, in the middle of a longer term transaction period, and/or at the very end when the transaction is finalized. Find out what clients like or dislike about you and/or your offered services. Analyze their answers to find out what you can improve about your approaches and methodologies. Keep results so that down the road you can analyze metrics about how your business has evolved and have the ability to chart a course of action based on empirical knowledge, not just guess work. Statistics and data will help you make wiser decisions about your business.

Offer free outstanding support:

There's no point in having an amazing product if when your customers get stuck you can't offer support. If you offer free support via email or phone, come across friendly, and care for your customers needs, your customers will love your service even more, and even refer friends.

Case Studies:

As well as displaying testimonials, you could also do whole case studies with a few select companies that use your product. Show how the product plays a part in their company, and how they go about using it.


Blogging is becoming more and more popular. Enabling the facility to comment on blogs gives viewers the opportunity give feedback and asks questions. The reader gets more out of the article if they can interact with the writer.

Nitesh Ahir is PHP web developer and CEO of web development company. He is focusing to provide professional web development services to develop highly optimize web page with different web technologies.


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