Free Food 2 Go Review

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Free Food 2 Go CO-OP review:

Many people are asking if Free Food 2 go CO-OP is a legit company?

The answer is YES this is one of the most solid companies I have seen start up in many years. Don't take my word for it. Take a look at who is behind this company and you be the judge.

FREE FOOD2GO, LLC (an Idaho company) was started by a group of people with a sincere desire to serve and help others. For them, this is not just a company, but a life mission. In planning for over 2 years, this company is the culmination of years of experience, knowledge, dogged determination and a tremendous desire to make a positive difference in the lives of everyday people.


The founder & President of FF2G, Roger Young, has been involved with and teaching about Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness around the world for over 25 years. It has been a lifelong mission of his to teach others about Self Reliance and being prepared for the unexpected.

Besides being a popular author and lecturer, Mr. Young has had varied extensive business, marketing, computer, and networking experience.

His professional experience includes Regional Vice President for A L Williams, Owner and operator of a Tax Planning & Accounting business with 3 offices in the San Francisco Bay area, Chief Operations Officer for an oil and gas company in Colorado, President/CEO of Perma Guard Agricultural Products, Inc, Special Consultant with WordPerfect and Novell Corporations, Email & Computer Operations Manager for a large international corporation managing over 30,000 nodes on 5 continents, the largest Master distributor for SIE, and most recently President/CEO of Alliant Financial Group, Inc.


Rob Greiner brings more than 20 years of financial experience to Freefood2Go and has held the position of CFO with several companies including those with revenues in excess of $50 Million and also with some rapid growth start-up companies.

Rob brings extensive experience in establishing ERP systems, cash control, financial presentation and operational control. Earlier in his career, Rob worked for an internet startup and was an implementer of strong internal controls both from the financial and the operations departments. Rob earned a BA from Boise State University in Accounting and has served as a board member for several companies and non-profit organizations.

 ROBERT BLACK, Vice President-Director of Marketing

Rob Black has over 20 years of extensive experience in the hospitality, marketing, and public relations arena. In addition he also has network marketing experience in both advisory and highly successful consultant roles for several well known companies. Known for thinking outside of the box in advertising and promotions Rob presents an energetic and insightful asset to FF2G.

 JON PIERRE FRANCIA , Vice President-Media Marketing

Is an award winning producer, media, and marketing specialist. JP has produced video,

labels, add campaigns, branding campaigns, radio, TV, cartoons, and commercials for such companies as Sun Microsystems, Novell, Iomega, Smartforce,, MTV anda dozen other nationally recognized names. If you watch TV or the Internet...odds are you have seen his work.

 JEANNIE KRAUS, Manager-Customer Services

Jeannie has had extensive experience dealing with people and helping them resolve their problems. She is currently serving as Vice President and board member of her local Chamber of Commerce. Jeannie's community service includes; 38 years as a member of The Ladies Aux of American Legion Unit 152 holding the office of Chaplin and Volunteer at Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy for young adults.

Jeannie was also voted #1 in the Nation for customer service 4 years in a row for a National Portrait Co; and has served 5 years as Customer Service Manager & Trainer for Alliant Financial Group, Inc.

There are many more outstanding people, with others joining daily, who are helping to make FREE FOOD2GO, LLC a truly unique company... that not only provides food of outstanding quality and other preparedness products at wholesale/discount prices with superior customer service...but a company with a mission to help humanity become simply better.

Pete Lance is a Free Food 2 go CO-OP member who's goal is to help
1 million people get free food storage... Would you like to be one of them?
Free Food 2 Go
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