Yahoo Answers: How To Use This Free Traffic Money Machine

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Hundreds of Internet Marketers are using the following techniques to send traffic to their offers on command without being banned! The best part is that Yahoo Answers is entirely free to use and you can begin to see results instantly if you use the site smartly!

How do you avoid the newbie mistakes that cause the dreaded Yahoo Account Suspension?

1) Don't blast Yahoo Answers with a bunch of answers everyday.

One or two answers a day in different topics is the way to go. This go-slow method will prevent you from looking like a spammer and getting reported by members of the Yahoo community.

2) Give good answers.

Take some time to do your research before answering. Yahoo community users will reject you when they realize you are shooting-from-the-lip rather than answering with some helpful information. Anyone can give an opinion but the "Best Answer" designation usually goes to those who provide real help to the questioner.

Believe me, the more "Best Answer" designations you get, the more traffic you'll drive to your offers. Having best answers elevates you in the eyes of the community as someone who is truly there to help.

3) Use multiple email accounts.

Use a different email address for each topic you intend to use for promoting your offers. This tactic is to protect yourself should you get the dreaded Yahoo Account Suspension. In this case, only the offending answer in a particular topic will get that email account banned. Your other accounts will remain active.

It might take you several tries and extensive testing before you find a method that you are comfortable with, a method that virtually guarantees consistent results and avoids Yahoo Account suspension. Trust me on this, I should know. I was suspended by Yahoo Answers twice because I made some newbie mistakes. When they ban you, they never tell you why you are suspended or how to fix it and there is No Appeal! Once you are suspended, you are done with that particular account forever!

By the way, I stopped getting suspended once I applied these techniques, and others, to my marketing.

I use Yahoo Answers to promote my 35 blogs and websites by quickly finding the right Questions to answer. Am I an expert in every topic? No! I just know how to find the information to answer the questions and drive hundreds of new visitors within hours to any given blog or website I choose.

For example, my three favorite information sites are:,, and You can find information on just about any topic at those sites. Just choose something from the articles that would make a good answer, rewrite it. Use only two or three sentences, in your own words, and post it.

Never use the information as you find it on these sites. You must rewrite to avoid copyright issues. Rewriting information for good answers is really easy to do. You don't have to be an expert on the topic. The idea is to give just enough information to drive that traffic to your offer.

Besides making money, I like helping people. Yahoo Answers allows me to easily do both. I simply find a Question and give a three to five sentence answer that leads to more information at any blog or website of my choosing where my products solve their problem.

One answer, consisting of three simple sentences, got 145 new visitors to one of my blogs in about an hour! Amazing!

If you can type, you can take control of your traffic using the Yahoo! Answers community. People post questions every minute of every day and by simply answering these questions briefly and directing them to your more detailed solution you will immediately see how effective this marketing technique can be.

No products of your own to offer? That's not a problem. You can still make money as an affiliate selling other people's products. The Clickbank Marketplace has tons of great products you can sell.

It's a simple strategy: Help people and help yourself!

These tips and more are available in the original Yahoo! Answers Traffic Guide from former TV News Editor, Jim DeSantis. Go to "Yahoo Answers Guide" and explode your traffic! You will climb the ranks as a Top Contributor in Yahoo Answers quickly with this guide and stay there!

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