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You’ve got dreams for your child – or you could just want to fulfill your child’s dreams. But you’ll find that’s easier wished than done. Rising prices can easily cramp the ability of parents to protect and cherish their children’s futures.
Looking for a place to park your money, so that it can grow to its best? Options like savings bank accounts and fixed deposits can only let you money grow so far.
A systematic investment plan is a lucrative investment option for the average investor that is offered by mutual funds. To invest in a systematic investment plan, the investor doesn’t need huge funds. He/ She can invest in mutual funds with an amount as low as Rs. 100. One also gets the freedom to invest monthly or quarterly. The SIP binds the investor to keep a fixed amount aside every month which ensures that one saves money.
Mutual funds are one of the best investment options today. Operated through a fund manager, a group of investors purchase diverse portfolios of stocks or bonds. The main advantage of mutual funds is that it diversifies your risk. That is to say, if Rachel has Rs. 10,000 which she wants to invest in mutual funds, she is investing that money into Company A, B, C and D, and in this way she has hedged her risk. Another advantage is that investors can purchase stocks or bonds at a much lower trading cost.
Some Mutual Funds have a surprise waiting for you. The cost structure of mutual funds is completely out of whack with what investors want.
While it is really not that difficult for a person to begin hedge fund investing, such a move does entail a significant investment in terms of time, as well as reliable and accurate advice from professionally trained and licensed hedge fund consultants in order to ensure that you can avoid common mistakes or over-concentration in one type or overly similar investment portfolios.