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Getting hooked up with the latest modern trends of the day is a must for every youngster who wants to give a tough competition to his competitors.
When kids get into high school, they often want money to buy some of the things they want and also to start gaining valuable work experience. Here are some tips for finding a job for high school students.
A child becomes tomorrow what he is today. We can observe a child and foretell that what a person is he going to be in future. But that requires right kind of environment and upbringing.
Whither child rights? Sometime back, all of Us were horrified when we read about a six-year-old girl abandoned at a garbage dump by her parents. She was emaciated and sick.
Nothing touches the heartstrings of a parent or teacher more than the plaintive cry “nobody likes me" or ”I don’t have any friends.” We wish there were something we could do to insure the child will be, if not the most popular, at least included in the games on the playground. Actually, there is something we can do to increase their acceptance by the group and become more approachable to others.