Expectations of Pre-Teens Age 9 to 11

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Would you like your 9-11 year old child to help more at home? Are you curious if you are expecting too much or too little? Do you share the responsibility of the household chores with them?

If you do everything for your child, you will not have time to do fun things with them! Plus, you will be denying them the opportunity to grow in responsibility and problem solving life skills.

Check out the list below and see what your child can do and what you still need to teach them.

  • Use clothes washing machine ( they should be responsible for their own laundry)
  • Operate electric clothes dryer
  • Shop for some of his clothing
  • Remove simple spots with spot remover
  • Iron basic clothing or at least fold the clothes so they aren't wrinkled
  • Clean bathroom totally
  • Scrub or mop floor
  • Take written phone messages (giving them to you is another story)
  • Vacuum upholstery and drapesFold sheets and blanketsWash and clean car
  • Weed garden and flowerbeds
  • Mow lawn at home and for the older neighbors
  • Change bed linens weekly
  • Read a recipe and follow directions
  • Pack a cold lunch
  • Boil or scramble eggs
  • Distinguish between good and spoiled food
  • Bake a cake from a mix and bake cookies
  • Cook a simple meal
  • Make pancakes
  • Read ingredient labels
  • Select and prepare fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Compare quality and prices
  • Make savings or checking account deposit
  • Rearrange bookshelves
  • Ride a bus or taxi
  • Repair and oil a bicycle
  • Know emergency first-aid procedures
  • Understand medicine chest items and recognize overuse consequences
  • Clean the refrigerator
  • Service projects such as mowing neighbor's lawn or community project

The role of parenting is build independent, contributing, thinking members of society. The best training ground is right at your address. The best role model and teacher is you.

Judy H. Wright is a parent educator, family coach, and personal historian who has written more than 20 books, hundreds of articles and speaks internationally on family issues, including end of life. You are invited to visit our blog at www.AskAuntieArtichoke.com for answers and suggestions which will enhance your relationships. You will also find a full listing of free tele-classes and radio shows held each Thursday just for you at www.ArtichokePress.com.

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