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If you’re receiving worker’s compensation benefits and you receive a light duty release to go back to work, should you go back to work?
Under Georgia law, the worker’s compensation statute indicates that your employer is supposed to have a posted panel of physicians which is located in an easy, accessible place for all of the employees. Posted panels, for example, are often located in kitchen/dining areas or conference rooms, etc.
In order to get a job or be considered ahead of other job applicants competing for the same position, some individuals make the mistake of padding their resumes or even lying on their applications. This kind of misrepresentation of yourself on a job application or resume can obviously come back you haunt you in many ways – even in a workers comp case.
Many people ask this question. You have been injured and are receiving medical care under workers’ compensation. But you are not experienced with the workers’ comp system, so how do you know that the care you are receiving is what you need and deserve?
TTD benefits are temporary total disability benefits: that is, the benefit that is paid in lieu of your salary. Think of it like this, because of your work accident, you have taken a pay cut or lost your job. Well, you have therefore suffered an economic harm based on your accident, and you therefore deserve compensation.
There are numerous ways that an employee can incur an on-the-job injury, and sometimes these occupational injuries can be devastating ones (or “catastrophic” as they are named). Work injuries include occupational diseases or illnesses as well as other physical maladies.
A settlement is defined in legal circles is a mutually agreed upon agreement between two disputing parties which can be reached either before, during, or after the court action has occurred. However it does have other meanings where the law and trials are concerned.
Returning to work on “light duty” status means that you are returning in a reduced capacity. It refers to the amount of work performance capacity that you have when you return after an injury.
Although there are slight differences from state to state where workers compensation laws are concerned, they all have one aspect in common. They were all implemented to provide an injured employee with benefits for lost wages and medical care for an on-the-job injury along with other benefits.
Many people who have pending Social Security Disability hearings have a few questions about the hearing and the actual hearing room. What does the hearing room look like? What do you need to expect? Who’s going to be there? How do you dress? I can answer these questions for you.