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Both private and public companies, old or new companies, everyone needs registration to take all the benefits from companies laws regulated by the government. Besides company registration there are many other services and laws like vat registration, trademark registration, STPI registration, taxation and licensing services, EOU registration, legal assistance in registration, NGO formation.
Get complete information about company registration services, laws and other types of legal services like STPI Registration, EOU Registration, IEC Export Code, IEC Import Code, legal and taxation services that further includes Corporate & Commercial Law and tax risk management and lots more.
Registration of a company is done under ROC which stands for registrars of company allocated under the section 609 of companies act. Companies in India are have grounded a lot in these coming years and there are many more which are ready to be established. Now you have to cache the companies name under ROC by submitting form number 1A.
The Importance of Corporate Formalities; Complete and accurate corporate records are the hallmark of a well run business.
Promises and commitments are made every day over the Net. It is very common for those involved in alleged deals not to have a clue about contract essentials. Many feel that small business owners have no recourse if they don’t want to pay.