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Company Law and Legal Services : STPI, EOU Registration, IEC Export and Import Code

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In legal and taxation services the important thing which comes under this category is STPI registration. The STPI registration is done for the purpose of tax exemption. The STPI stands for Software Technology Parks of India which is set up for the export orientated unites and include application forms like:-

1. Application form
2. Prescribed form.
3. Memorandum and Article of Association
4. Board Resolution for setting up STP Unit and persons authorized to sign and submit the application form. Resume of person heading the operation/CEO.
5. Detailed project report/ Business plan

Under STPI various services are provided by the Maine services which are needed are the Service that to be paid annually as per the following:-

1.The Exports which is up to Rs.50.00 lacks per annum has to pay Rs. 15,000/ per annum.
2.Exports which is above Rs.50.00 lacks per annum but up to Rs.300.00 lacks has to pay Rs.50, 000/ per annum
3.Exports which are above Rs.300.00 lacks per annum has to pay Rs.1, 00,000/ per annum
4.In this the annual charges are payable at 3years in advance. If the legal agreement has been executed once then a request letter has to be sent to ht STPI for the issue of the Green Card.

The next main registration service is EOU.The EOU stands for the Export Oriented Unit. This service is named EOU registration that consist of STPI company registration services and an online guide to EOU registration, EOU registration consultants and lots more which are offered by the IndiaCompanyRegistration. There are many more services which are provided by India company registration like taxation and licensing Service, STPI Registration, trademark registration, legal assistance in registration, incorporation Service Company, Corporate & Commercial Law and lots more that are recommended to be filled by particular company. The EOU registration just a simple step which includes the criteria like of:-

1. Checking of the documents received to ensure the conformity with the requirement.
2. The application is to be prepared
3. The Submission of the application till its is followed
4. Preparation and submission of additional information, Follow up till issuance of EOU

After EOU it come IEC that is import export code. The IEC number is very important because No export or import is to be made by any person without having an Importer-Exporter Code. An Importer/Exporter Code (IEC) number shall be granted on application to the competent authority. It has to be kept in mind that if an IEC Number is lost or misplaced, the issuing authority may consider requests for grant of a duplicate copy of IEC number. For getting new IEC number an application form has to fill and some amount of fees that are Rs.1000/- has to be paid to the authority. A Self addresses envelope has to be given with Rs.25/- postal stamp for delivery of IEC certificate by registered post. Or challen/DD of Rs.100/- for speed post. After observing the documents the IEC is issued if they are correct and according to the need.

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