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Whenever you ask a lawyer to work for you on a contingency basis, you are asking them to take on a financial risk.
Make sure you get all parties served, and make sure the proof of service forms are returned to the court.
A UCC lien covers business property, but it also covers some kinds of personal property, and may also have some "long shot" advantages.
Most civil lawyers make money creating judgments. Every year more and more lawyers are also starting to recover judgments as a way of increasing their income.
If the other side knows you are well funded, they are much more likely to settle with you, or pay you quickly after you get your judgment.
As you would expect, courts are security-minded and do not allow distractions. Pretend you are at an airport. No knives or scissors, no cameras, no food or drink, and prepare for delays.
The future-pay purchase is usually best for the original judgment creditor because they get 35 to 70% of the amount recovered from the debtor. In contrast, judgments purchased for cash up-front have average sale prices of 1% to 7% of the face value of the judgment.
With the court's authorization, the receiver can act as a levying officer. Where the court has jurisdiction, the receiver can take the debtor's assets and hold them
Massachusetts has three civil trial courts that address judgment enforcement matters. If the judgment amount is less than $2,000, you will be in the (District or Municipal) Small Claims court.
After the judgment is docketed in Trenton, all future enforcement proceedings must be performed in the Trenton Law Division - even if your judgment was first rendered in the Special Civil or Small Claims courts.