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Use of solar electric systems decreases the amount of local air pollution. With a decrease for kerosene used for lighting, there is a corresponding reduction for pollution produced.
Angry citizens of Pakistan's biggest metropolitan city came on streets due to prolonged power outages. Some time the so-called "load shading" is scheduled with dawn and dusk of sun.
Our country's next great national project must be to shed our dependence on foreign oil. We need to approach this task with the same enthusiasm and intensity with which we approached President John F. Kennedy's challenge to put a man on the moon.
Our country must shed its dependence on foreign oil. The relentless rise of gas prices over the past several years demonstrates this fact more clearly than ever.
Someone profits from high prices, especially when there is an increase in demand. Many of us think that the Arabs or the Oil Corporations are the leading institutions driving gas prices up. Oil Companies have record profits.
California Governor may consider a Cabinet position in a President Barack Obama administration. Committed to public service, he may aid in the creation of a more non-partisian administration and will bring the experience of dealing with Energy Related issues. He has the experience of handling issues relating to Energy in California. That experience could be a major asset to the President Obama administration.