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Damage to the environment has become a matter of increasing concern in recent years. Economic growth brings with it problems of air and water pollution, noise, smell, congested towns, waste disposal, traffic jams, and tensions. Economics of and damage to the environment impose on us two kinds of costs:
Here below are the main points from the National Environment Policy document issued in June 2005 by the Ministry of Environment, Government of Pakistan. After reading the policy document one must realize the alarming situation and the challenges Pakistan is facing about environment. Not much, however, has been achieved since the policy was issued.
With the gas prices at an average of over $4 per gallon and the emerging possible reality of $5 a gallon gas, there has been an increase in demands in regards to more options in oil to level the gas and oil prices. President Bush recently proposed the idea of off-shore oil drilling. However, he is not getting the backing of Congressional Democrats, whose support is crucial to the plan.