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1. Feroz Ahmed Bawany
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Feroz Ahmed Bawany

To increase my knowledge and to understand the civilized creations of Almighty Lord 'Human'. May God bless us all.

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2. Tim O'Sullivan
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3. Ben Bradshaw
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4. Mohammad Zaheer
Retired Professor of Economics

Manchester Community College/Eastern CT State University
Manchester/Willimantic, Connecticut

1973 Ph.D. Business Education University of Connecticut
1965 Ed.S. Business Education Indiana University
1964 M.S. Business Education Indiana University

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6. Munzir Naqvi
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In Pursuit of the Right Path

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Political Science (2007) Undergraduate School: Kennesaw State University

Notable Accomplishments:

1. President of Student Government at Kennesaw State University (2004-2005)

2. Serves on the Pakistan Israel Peace Forum Advisory Committee

3. Served as Vice President of Pakistani American Community of Atlanta.

Every day we are reminded that there are individuals that portray themselves as above society.  There are individuals that think that Money and Financial Power is key to happiness.  There are those that believe "First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get respect."  There is an error in this message for it speaks of no love, kindness nor compassion. 

The greatest strength of an individual is their mercy.  The greatest gift of an individual is their love.  The greatest skill of an individual is their kindness.  I have a motto I live by, Diplomacy before Dialogue.  You can not speak to someone that does not exist.  It is time for Diplomatic Relations to be Established. 

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7. Doug Heckman
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for U.S. Congress

I am asking for your vote to send me to the United States Congress. Why vote for me? Here are a few questions I would ask you:

* Can you name at least 2 bills Congressman Linder has sponsored, co-sponsored or championed over his 16 years in Congress? If not, read on.
* Do you believe that the deficits must stop and the budget balanced? If so, read on.
* Do you believe that the best predictor of future success is a track record of past successes? If so, read on.
* Do you want elected officials that are not career politicians? If so, read on.
* Do you want your elected officials to address and solve our Nations' problems? If so, read on.
* Do you want an end to pork-barrel spending and earmarks? If so, read on.
* While not a prerequisite for Congress, do you believe that a combat veteran brings a useful perspective to our national discourse? If so, read on.

I believe our forefathers had in mind that good men and women from varied walks of life would come to Washington to serve for a finite period of time. Power and special interests have warped our system. Please give me the opportunity to serve you. I pledge to lead and to help achieve real solutions through hard work and reasonable compromise.

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8. Faiza Awan
Subject Matter Expert
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9. Yola Malinda
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10. Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke
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Family Relationship Coach, Author & International Speaker

Who is Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, the storytelling trainer? And What's with the Artichoke?

Judy is a parent educator, family coach, and personal historian who has written more than 20 books, hundreds of articles and speaks internationally on family issues, including care giving.

Trained as a ready to learn consultant, she works with Head Start organizations and child care resource centers. She also volunteers time writing end-of-life stories for Hospice. She and Dwain, her husband of 40 years, have six grown children and seven grandchildren.  They consider their greatest success in life that their children like themselves and each other.                             

The symbol of the artichoke has great meaning for Judy in her teaching and writing.  As she works with families, she sees that frequently only the outer edges are exposed and can be prickly and sometimes bitter to the taste.  But, as you expose the artichoke and people to warmth, caring, and time, gradually the leaves begin to open and expose the real treasure-the heart.

The artichoke also became a teaching lesson when Judy, with her young family, moved into military housing in California to find Artichokes in their yard.  Given that it takes two years for the vegetable to flower, the original gardener never got to see the seeds of her labor.  Many times, our actions and reactions in life are felt by people we will never meet, but we plant the seeds of kindness anyway.

You will enjoy Judy's approachable manner, wonderful storytelling and common-sense solutions gleaned from working with hundreds of families and organizations just like yours. Your encounter with Judy will leave you feeling inspired, entertained and especially motivated. Visit Judy's website for excellent references and a full listing of books, workshop topics, tele-classes and testimonials.

To make arrangements for your group or organization to enjoy having Judy present a keynote address, workshop or training session, please visit my websites given below.

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