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End of the world 2012. Mayan Calendar 2012. December 21 2012. Many people have heard about the 2012 prophecy or apocalyptic myth, but few really understand what it entails. The years around 2012 mark an unprecedented global shift - the Shift of the Ages. This is clearly a streneous time, but it is not going to be the end of the world.
This OpEd is in response to recent news articles regarding the proposed Israeli Kneseet Bill to remove the "5-Star Hotel" conditions for Islamic terrorists held in Israeli prisons.
What would have happened if Indira Gandhi, the former Indian Prime Minister had not been gunned down in 1984? Read the article to find the answer.
Is there indeed a Unique Peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue?
Are we really currently witnessing a slow but sure forward movement by the World-Peace?
It seems that new passports are in the news a lot lately and recently there was an incident report involving the Iroquois lacrosse team. They were going to England to compete in the World Championships. They were not permitted to leave because they possessed Iroquois passports.
It has been reported that the peace-oriented current USA President Barack Obama's advisors are planning to have terms like the "Islamic radicalism" removed from a national security document.
To understand fully the ramifications of the American president Obama's recent surprise peace visit to Kabul, it is first essential to understand the positions of the 6 key players involved in the current Afghan conundrum: the USA, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China, India and the Taliban.
There indeed is a conflict of the political policies, political polities and political entities like the nation-States. All the talk of a clash or confluence is restricted only to the political realm. But, there isn't any Clash, Conflict or Confluence of civilizations. Only the "Congruence of Civilizations" exists in reality!
Do you really know the Factual Realities about Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, one of the prominent Indian leader of the pre-Independence India? Read this article.