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Few kind words, soft touch, feeling and care can surely help the handicaps and mental disables to feel safe and the medication works better.
25% of the men with the most conservative financial strategies had an average of three partners in the past five years and desire an average of just one in the next five years
Russia is the third nation done the nuclear pact with India after United States and France.
Zimbabwe declared emergency due to Cholera outbreak took more than 600 precious lives.
Former Dictator of Iraq Saddam Hussien devil cousin and minister Chemical Ali was sentenced to death for mass killing.
The Bribe Republic of Pakistan having public account office of no use.
India and Pakistan should understand and together must make a plan.
The terrorist attacks in financial hub of India is the part of attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Afghan President want US and NATO forces to leave the country and bring Taliban to talk. Why dont Mr. Karzai leave the seat and give it to some one who can really manage the negotiation.
Pakistan will consider a number of options to stop US attacks on targets inside Pakistan, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani